7 reasons of indecisiveness and the ways to overcome it…


Simply, Indecisiveness is the inability to take a decision. An indecisive person is confused whether they should take a left, a right or to stick with the current position.

The positive side of it is that we have the liberty and option to chose. In fact, there is no problem in taking some time to choose the right option.

However, things get complicated when we spend too much time evaluating the pros and cons associated with making the right decision.

Let us try to comprehend the 7 reasons for indecisiveness and the ways to counter it:

1. Prolonged thinking 

The foremost reason is thinking too much in the evaluation of the pros n cons attached to the decision-making. It creates a never-ending confusion, which refrains us from taking a decision.

Solution- No doubt, it is important to think before making a decision but let us not over-think to create a mental blockage wherein our mind loses the ability to decide.

 2. Too many available options 

Many a time, the delight to savor several choices turns out to be an upset. The flickering mind creates a chaos inside the mind, which adds to the inability to decide.

Solution- We need to understand that we cannot have everything. Let us respect the options available, and chose the one which is our priority. 

 3. Fear of choosing wrong 

At times, the indecisiveness is because we fear that the decision we would take might prove to be wrong. This apprehension keeps us away from inclination towards a choice.

When we fear failures, we start recalling our previous decisions which proved wrong. Subsequently, we unnecessarily put extra pressure on ourselves to take the correct decision.

Solution- We need to sink into mind that failures are the gateways to success. Let us not allow the past failures to affect our current decision-making process.

4Thinking ‘what people will think’

Sometimes, we want to please everyone with our decision. As a result, we start emphasizing too much on the people’s opinion about the options available.  In the process, our ability to take the right decision gets hampered.

Solution- There is no harm in listening to everybody, but we also need to realize that people are never short of opinions and suggestions. Let us never authorize anyone to decide on our behalf. And also, let us stop getting affected by what they will think about it. 

 5Not listening to the conscious self 

More often than not, we don’t listen to our inner voice, the voice which is right most of the times. When we don’t trust the answers from within us at the first place, it infuses the dilemmas leading to indecisiveness and eventually resulting in poor decision-making.

Solution- Rest assured, most of the times, we have the right answer. We need to patiently wait for the answer which is within us, trust our instincts and go with the flow. This way, we enjoy all the credentials all alone and even if the decision proves to be wrong, at least we do not have people to blame.

6. The desire for the ideal condition 

If the decision-making is tough, it means there are compromises stringed to each available option for decision-making. In these situations, we are likely to get hurt choosing any of the options. 

Solution- It becomes imperative to evaluate the sacrifices attached to each available option. Thereafter, let us settle for the maximum extraction out of a decision because it is virtually impossible to attain the ideal condition every time.

7. Lack of self-belief and self-confidence

Sometimes, we are so low in our inner- self-attributes that we are not able to justify ourselves a straight-foreword decision. Even after knowing the decision, we doubt it.

Solution- We got to have faith in our belief and confidence while taking a decision. It creates a powerful aura to turn the decision into our favor. Let us always keep our spirits high and boosted.


Let us spare some time thinking to find the reasons for our indecisiveness in the past. Subsequently, try to rectify it gradually by taking small steps.

Let us begin by making small decisions with precision. On or two successful decisions shall give us the required confidence to execute it on bigger decisions. 

Always remember, an indecision is also a decision. Let us make the right call at the right time.