A conscious mind is a gateway to happiness


In the previous article, you were introduced to Self-awareness, the mirror revealing your real face.

I’m sorry but maybe your face in that mirror is ugly but don’t worry. Unless you know your short-comings, you’ll not be able to rectify them.

This is why it is important to activate the conscious mind!

While self-awareness shows you the right path, consciousness gives you the strength to walk on it.


I’m sure you have met people with influential auras. You even feel becoming like them.

To tell you, 

They ain’t doing anything different. They are doing everything consciously. Yes, that high level which you crave is nothing but consciousness, the state in which ‘what to do’ and ‘what to feel’ becomes a choice.

A beautiful quote by Lao Tzu says it all…

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

A deep insight:

Mind, the most powerful tool of your body, is the first recipient of any response from the outer world, and hence, the initiator of your response to people and situations. 

It is the director of the sense organs for every action and reaction. With the principal responsibility of thinking, your mind is accountable for everything.

And this is where it all begins!

In the world full of cynical materialism, the mind is losing control on:

  1. Quality of thoughts
  2. Volume of thoughts

Yes, not only you are thinking negative but you are also overthinking.

Wondering why?

Your mind is under the influence of subconsciousness! 

consciousness The Infographic above speaks our current state

Sub-conscious thinking leads to negative thinking. It generates negative emotions which demand reciprocation from feelings. The soul-driven feelings respond, and the resultant feelings are negative.

So much of negativity; you become a fully negative person!

The worst part:

It is a never-ending circle because of a simple reason:

Thoughts are vulnerable while feelings are deep-rooted! 

Once you develop a negative feeling about an individual or a situation, it becomes a big hindrance for the mind to generate a positive thought. 

And therefore, every thought is unable to generate an emotion to feel. This discrepancy between thought and feeling is forcing your mind to submit to subconsciousness.

As a result, you are losing control over the component responsible for feeling… your pure soul!

Wondering why is feeling important?

You cannot think of happiness, you can only feel it. This reason is enough to state the importance to feel.

But like happiness, there are many emotions which seek feelings. Not only positive emotions but also negative emotions seek reciprocation from feelings.

Now here’s where consciousness creates magic:

A conscious mind feels positive emotions and denies feelings to negative emotions. 

As simple as it gets:

Your mind is the controller of your materialistic world and the soul drives the inner world. To be happy, you need a balance between mind and soul.

It is possible only when you are conscious. A conscious mind has answers to all unsolved mysteries about your inner and outer world.


While thinking more and feeling less kills your happiness, feeling more and thinking less makes you useless and complacent as you don’t test the boundaries of your comfort zone.

But when you consciously think, not only you monitor the quality of thoughts but also the frequency of thoughts. Neither there is a deficiency of thinking to restrict you in your comfort zone nor there is overthinking leading to depression.

Therefore balance is important where both the components ‘thinking and feeling’ must be faithful to each other.

The bottom line:

The Mind thinks; The Soul feels…

Revive the state where you are mindful and soulful at the same time. Do the same things consciously which you do sub-consciously. You’ll find out how to create memories.

A conscious mind is ready to take responsibility for your happiness. 

Here’s my question:

Are you ready to activate your conscious mind?
















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