About Us

about us-happyrealization

Yes, that’s what I thought!
It’s not about you and me.
It’s about us where we need to stand up tall,
to stand up for each other.

Do you feel negative?

Do you think life has been unfair to you?

Do you have personality disorders?

Do you lack awareness in the present moment?

Is your mind always tired?

Are you unhappy without any reason?

Do you overthink? 

Do you find it difficult to control your thoughts?

Are you low in your inner-self? 

Do you get easily influenced by others?

Is your definition of happiness materialistic?

Do you think you are the only one facing all the problems in this world?

Do you find it difficult to say no to others?

Do you find it difficult to say no to yourself?

Are you not able to perform and deliver at your workplace?

Have you not discovered your passion?

Are you uncompassionate?

Do you think that you are doing injustice to your life?

Are you always apprehensive?

Is your aura dependent on others?

Is stress taking a toll on you?

Do you blame others for your negativity?

Did you have a troubled childhood?

Do you fear social judgments?

Do you lack self-awareness?

Are you disrespectful to yourself and others?

Are you deprived of love?

Are you still seeking ways to meditate?

If you could relate to any of these questions, first of all feel blessed because you are a human and not a robot. Life spares none, sometimes it hits hard and knocks you down. Yes, all of us have been knocked down many times.

But at the same time, we are gifted with sufficient strength to develop a positive mindset, to make a comeback every time we get knocked down. And finally, stand tall like never. That indeed is a happy realization.

I,  Amanpreet Singh, founder of Happy Realization, shall feel blessed to be able to connect the dots to explore answers we all keep searching, and harmonize a link which can inspire and bring a positive change in our lives. Let us jointly make an effort to contribute towards humanity and mankind, and create a valuable difference.