An open letter from a child who is now a parent, dedicated to all the parents…

  Dear Parents, Greetings!!! My age is 32 now. I became a father of beautiful daughter four years back. I am writing this letter because now, I can fully comprehend how it feels to become a parent, just like you.  It is magical. I am really enjoying my parenthood. I have also realized that only my daughter can give me an opportunity...

We hate him but he loves us; Stress is our best friend by default…

The inevitable process We all are distinct individuals. We look different, think different. We respond to a given situation differently. We all have unique personal, social and professional background. Our interests, strengths, weaknesses, core competencies are all varied and diversified. We all are unique in our ways. Undoubtedly, most of us haven’t met in person and do not know one another...






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