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Why Failure and Success are Brothers from Different Mothers?

success failure
Failure or Success- A perspective… When a coin is tossed, there's a 50% chance it will land upon the side you bet. Similar is our outcome in different chores we perform in our life. One major difference that differentiates our life with tossing of the coin is that we put in a lot of devotion and hard work in our efforts.  "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." ~Winston Churchill But similar to the tossing of a coin, those chores may result in either success or failure. Sometimes even after extreme hard work and perseverance, the outcome is a failure, leaving us shattered. What happens when failure is the outcome?  Failure is the outcome of mere bad luck or a minor fault which we don't realize while enduring. We regret about failures when all our efforts go in vain and nothing fruitful comes out.  We get disheartened, thinking we will never succeed and then delve into the domain of negative thoughts. Students failing in competitive exams, people facing rejections while seeking employment; Life has become a battlefield where success is adjourned as the winner, while failure is looked with pity, remorse, and guilt. This outlook needs tweaking. What to comprehend? Success is a destination, but it is the journey full of failures, that deserves an appreciation. ‘Success is that lively and elusive mask of realization, which covers the various lifeless faces of failures.’ Happy Realization People fail to realize that they would never commit that same mistake again in their lives ever. If they had tasted success in that only attempt then maybe this mistake would have cost them severely.  We need to realize that the failure causing such heart-wrenching grief to their heart, is just due to a minor mistake, a temporary glitch that can be rectified in the next attempt.  We need to realize quickly that we are not failures alone. Everyone, and I repeat, everyone who is successful has failed on numerous occasions to reach where he/she is. we just have to accept those glitches as normal, without overthinking about it. and move on, and move on. Obviously, it ain't easy, the reason we have fewer success stories. People have to take a huge leap of faith to do that. Even though society may blame you, criticize you at an unbearable level, trust me, you can bear them all, provided you compete with none other than oneself. The course of action: Analyze: This is the most crucial tool to avoid failures in the upcoming future. The secret to success lies in your failures. People have to just analyze them carefully and...

What is the Ultimate Meaning of Life?

happy realization meaning
Conclusion Define your life your way, but make sure to enjoy every moment, which includes not only the results, but also the process. There is never going to be a simple way to attain happiness and peace in life. In order to achieve, one has to struggle and keep on moving. Doing good deeds and helping others on the way will surely help in giving meaning to life. Conclusion Define your life your way, but make sure to enjoy every moment, which includes not only the results, but also the process. It is the wisest decision one can make. Move on. Never look back and keep on moving. You will surely find the ultimate meaning of your life. Regretting the past cannot help you anyway, just learn from the past mistakes and vow never to repeat them. There is never going to be a simple way to attain happiness and peace in life. In order to achieve, one has to struggle and keep on moving. Doing good deeds and helping others on the way will surely help in giving meaning to life. Conclusion Define your life your way, but make sure to enjoy every moment, which includes not only the results, but also the process. Never Regret Past, It's Already Gone It is the wisest decision one can make. Move on. Never look back and keep on moving. You will surely find the ultimate meaning of your life. Regretting the past cannot help you anyway, just learn from the past mistakes and vow never to repeat them. There is never going to be a simple way to attain happiness and peace in life. In order to achieve, one has to struggle and keep on moving. Doing good deeds and helping others on the way will surely help in giving meaning to life. Conclusion Define your life your way, but make sure to enjoy every moment, which includes not only the results, but also the process. Be bright and brilliant, smart and sophisticated to richly set the targets as a treasure trove of knowledge, seeking and grabbing the monstrous mark of a magnificent marathon of life. This will surely give you a new meaning to your life. Never Regret Past, It's Already Gone It is the wisest decision one can make. Move on. Never look back and keep on moving. You will surely find the ultimate meaning of your life. Regretting the past cannot help you anyway, just learn from the past mistakes and vow never to repeat them. There is never going to be a simple way to attain happiness and peace in life. In order to achieve, one has to struggle and keep on moving. Doing good deeds and helping others on the way will surely help in giving meaning to life. Conclusion Define your life your way, but make sure to enjoy every moment,...

What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

Brain During Spiritual
What is Spirituality ? Spirituality is a concept of being connected with the soul, in other terms it can be called as something bigger than ourselves. The aim of spirituality always involves the search for life. Spiritual experiences can be categorized as sacred or religious but it has a bigger meaning than all of these. It is a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.  “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” Whether a person is religious or not, they might have faced moments in their life when they wanted to connect their brains to some spiritual experiences, the moments when they wanted to feel sensibility and give meaning to their life. The serenity that they feel with the spiritual connection to the brain is beyond the imagination.  What is Spiritual Experiences ? Spiritual states of mind are something which strongly connects you to a stronger or bigger force which can be felt in the form of energy, God, deity, higher power or abstract figure, and consciousness. The connection is in terms of meaningfulness, connectivity towards world, and serenity. Spiritual experiences are powerful as they have a have intense impacts on people’s lives. Scientists have identified a part of the brain called the parietal cortex whose one region is believed to be involved in experiences that go beyond our normal state of mind called spiritual power.  It is clearly known that spirituality is an internal part of healing, it is a source of strength for the one suffering from distress. Spirituality enriches various aspects of our lives including physical, emotional, mental, and relational. Spirituality encloses various aspects of human life and is also a means of undergoing several forms of life. While faith is connected to religious expressions and might not be necessarily a component of spirituality. Spirituality is expressed in the form of beliefs, attitudes, and practices that influence the lives of people. How can Spirituality be Attained? Spirituality can be attained through many spiritual traditions that have been in the history from a long time such as Meditation, prayer, yoga, and journaling using contemplative practices to increase empathy, attention, and compassion, as well as peace of mind.  Meditation- Meditation induces feelings of clear-headedness and calmness. It also improves attention and concentration. A study has proved that meditation increases the grey matter density of the brain, which helps in reducing sensitivity towards pain, help you regulate difficult emotions, enhances the immune system, and relieves stress. Prayers- It triggers the sense of relaxation, along with feelings of gratitude, compassion, and hope which have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the human being. There are a variety of prayers which believe that there is some higher power which has a great influence...

25 Ways to Achieve Anything  You want in Life

Struggling to discover the success ways? As minors, most of us are fortunate to have parents guide us to our next move. In schools and colleges, we have teachers and professors as our mentors.    But as soon as we turn into independent individuals, most of us battle alone to define our success ways.   Is your question How to become successful still struggling to find the best answer? Rest easy! there are many like you striving to define life on their own terms. Yes… the best characteristic of this phase is it’s nondiscriminatory and spares none.  And when we’re all in this, let’s battle it out together.   Everyone cannot afford the best of life coaches, and so, success tips to inject motivation is the need of the hour!   Allow me to offer: 25 ways to be successful, tips to achieve anything  you want in life Fail… to never repeat it again You are not away from the fact Failures are the Pillars of Success. I strongly feel failures are the best thing that happens to successful people. Yes, there is no substitution to experiencing failures for teaching the best ways to be successful. So don’t be apprehensive about it! Taste failures to explore the various possibilities of a breakdown, to never encounter them anymore and eventually achieve success. Related: The Most Successful Failure Listen to your gut over people Today’s customary obstacle in our success ways is people’s advice, always ready irrespective of whether we seek. What worse… we believe in most without trusting our instinctive voice. My friend… only you have the right answers to your questions. Listen to everybody but authorize your instinct to make the final call. Stop expecting people to stop fulfilling their undue expectations Everyone is glued to their individual struggles. So why not take the responsibility of overcoming it by oneself? Feeling the need of people to fulfill your undue expectations seizes your independence. And when you expect from people, even they seek from you.This give-take relationship causes more harm than good. So let us stop playing the expectation-game to negate the effect of people obstructing our success ways. Related: You lose via expectations Never surrender to inevitable lows When we struggle to find ways to be successful, there comes a point when most of us hit the rock bottom. Every way out seems impossible. Hard time this! But again, this rough patch is customary to every individual and is the real test of enduring patience. And sometimes, the best you can do in this phase is allowing it to move on without over-thinking. Related: Let go the...

Do you need a life coach? Pros and cons of life coaching

Do you need a life coach?  I observed a drastic increase in Google searches revolving around hiring a life coach. Searches like best life coaches, life coach near me, find a life coach, get a life coach, are trending. These intriguing searches instigated me to get a deeper insight into insights of life coaching — who is a life coach, and for you to figure out whether you need one. Who needs a life coach? Good life coaches by their practical experience, sublime confidence and supreme ability to uplift, help clients to realize their goals and objectives. Be it a personal or professional goal, a life coach is multi-dimensional. A good life coach is a guide, motivator, counselor, mentor — all in one!  The role of a life coach is their clients’ upliftment till they don’t realize their goals. It could be in the form of motivational sessions, one-to-one interaction, telephonic communication, life pieces of advice via counseling, a combination of any. Whether you are looking for a business coach to attain your materialistic goals, or a relationship coach to dilute the bitterness in your personal relationship; a life coach is your go-to man. Let us understand the role of a life coach involving two major spheres in a person’s life  — as a business coach and a relationship coach. Life coach as a business coach: Everyone is fighting hard in their materialistic battle. The nature of the fight differs, but each one struggles in a peculiar way. Some need the motivation to continue with existing job/business, some need pieces of advice pursuing a dream career. There are many who want to recover from losses, and there are individuals who strive to double their profits. So you see, goals are different, but the struggle mode is always on in this money world. Motivation to endure is the need of the hour! And while many lose patience to stay self-motivated, the role of a life coach is gaining popularity to guide you, and make you realize materialistic goals. Life coach as Relationship coach: One busy lifestyle, the same old bread-butter fight, and the newly dominant social environment — all are contributing to the distress and differences in a personal relationship. Be it a parent-child relation, husband-wife relation, the best of friendships, even our connection with ourselves — relationships are bleeding profusely. The trust factor, compatibility issues, judgmental comparisons, time constraints, are one of the many reasons causing the differences.  But unlike before, there is a certain level of awareness in people where they could address the reasons for their unhealthy interpersonal relationship, but just cannot figure out the solutions by themselves. With that, is arising the need for a life coach for a desperate fix. Let’s jump straight into: Pros and Cons of having a Life Coach Advantages of a life coach: There is someone listening to you, the one to whom you speak your heart out. Be it a business problem or a relationship problem, you’ll not sink in your problem-ocean.  A good life coach not only enables you to flush out your frustration but is also ready with practical pieces of advice offering solutions. A...

5 Positive Lessons Only Feeling Negative can Teach You

Feeling Anxious or Negative
In the fight between positivity and negativity, we wish positivity emerges as a winner... always!Ever wondered why?A general impression of negativity is bad. For the reason, we want to stay away from it.As grass on other side looks greener, we end up longing for positivity without realizing what feeling negative can offer. What I mean by feeling negative? Is negativity as bad as you think? When I say feeling negative, I mean feeling the most common negative emotion affecting most of us — Sadness. You won’t deny wherever there is negativity because of any reason, we feel sad by default. And if you think feeling negative is bad, let me tell you it’s not. Be it a health issue, monetary loss, an adverse relationship; negativity is an alert notifying something is wrong which needs a fix. In fact, feeling negative bestows you with life experiences which teaches you profound life lessons. Don’t believe me? Here’s more courage to you: “The key to happiness - or that even more desired thing, calmness - lies not in always thinking happy thoughts. No. That is impossible. No mind on earth with any kind of intelligence could spend a lifetime enjoying only happy thoughts. They key is in accepting your thoughts, all of them, even the bad ones. Accept thoughts, but don’t become them. Understand, for instance, that having a sad thought, even having a continual succession of sad thoughts, is not the same as being a sad person.” ― Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive And now, allow me to share: 5 positive lessons from Feeling Negative : It enables to unleash the other side- positivity Ever wondered why is seesaw-ride enjoyable?The rider doesn’t hold on to either of the highs or lows of the ride for too long. Or else the ride gets boring. Life is no different. It’s an emotional seesaw ride switching ends — from positivity to negativity and negativity to positivity. And life goes on! Where's the problem?Most of us ignore the fact feeling negative is as real as death.For instance— when we suffer a failure, a criticism, a bully, a loss... it's natural to experience negative emotions. But because of ignorance, we do not accept negativity.What I mean by non-acceptance is we quickly look for solutions to escape without analyzing the whys and hows of feeling negative. Beware! this approach sinks your ship soon. You cannot identify the reasons for feeling negative.What worse, other negative emotions invade in the shelter already created by the mind. Eventually, negativity becomes an integral part of us and positivity becomes a fantasy; an untouched dream. This way, neither you allow negativity to teach you a life-lesson, nor you can taste positivity. Is this what you want? Well... surely not! What you need to know:Everyone feels alike. Negative feelings hit everyone now and then. It is as customary as going to the loo. So just take it easy and respect the natural phenomena.  Keep in mind, only the acceptance of negativity enables you to unlock the solutions to get out of it. Yes... only when you accept the pain, you’ll find the pain relievers. So please...

Boring life? 4 super effective ways to break the monotony

Kind attention: Read if your fight is not only materialistic in nature but also for eternal happiness while fighting! Boring life: What defines your monotonous life? My monotony of life? This generation’s monotonous life? A haunting tradition following since the X generation! It’s a pre-defined conventional journey — starts with a super active kid in school, an adventurous teenager in college days, and then? As soon as you enter the late twenties and early thirties, don’t you feel we become a puppet dancing off-beat to the tune of a monotonous life? You won’t disagree more or less we share a common story. We’ll talk a little about every phase starting teenage. The time before that does not qualify for scrutiny. You were very much soulful then. The tender teenage is the age when most of us are on an exploring spree. It’s the most exciting phase when most of us are introduced to new experiences. The thrills of hormonal attraction, the adventure of bunking classes, the excitement of a new phone, fear of failures, sadness inflicting loss, and what not… Life events are not customary and that’s the best part of this time. Every moment awaits to capture a new experience. Moving to the next phase is the dawn of adulthood when most of us experience almost every new emotion we possibly could. By now, we prioritize and move forward with life’s available choices. But what next? Don’t you realize your life stagnates thereafter? Yes… the majority of us stand at the doorstep of a monotonous life. ‘That’s because we turn into: spouses, parents, grandparents in the personal sphere an employee or an employer in a professional career a mere reputation in the social environment Till over and out.’ Please keep reading even if you haven’t reached this state; you are nearer than you think! That’s because soon a customary routine takes over to define your life’s monotonous process until your final gasp. Most have compromised with it. But you don’t belong there; the reason you are here. Allow me to offer: 4 super effective ways to break the monotony of everyday life: Take mind breaks When you programme your mind into a routine existence; your mind becomes a jailor and your soul a prisoner. Your life isn’t a beautiful exploration journey anymore. I may sound silly if I ask you: Do you wait for the holidays? Everyone does! Most of us work our asses off the entire week to enjoy on weekends. But does that mean you are eligible for happiness only on weekends? I don’t know much but I am sure about this: We cannot assign a particular date, time, and place for happiness. My friend; even happiness seems monotonous this way. What I feel we need this break every day. Any small conscious mind break is capable to break your routine existence. Listening to music, exercising, or maybe a long drive — any such monotony breaker not involving your mind is capable to rejuvenate your soul. And when you do that, you realize happiness does not involve the mind, it’s an essence of the soul. Did you know? Not only feeling happiness, but a mind rest daily can also raise its potency drastically. Here is a summary of recent research...

Either you are nude or naked; know the difference?

Either you are nude or naked; know the difference? Nude or Naked : I wish you undress; watching you nude would be a wonderful treat. Now before you judge;   It’s your mental body I’m talking about! Sounds silly? it’s not:   Uncovering your mental body is paramount as covering your physical body. Pondering over differences between nude and naked? According to Vocabulary.com, 'If you have no clothes on, you’re naked.'   I’m sure your mental body doesn’t wear clothes. But just because it does not have an apparent presence, you have an unknown real identity.   Therefore nudity is important!   Now when you know you have an unclothed mental body: When you unveil it by yourself, you become nude.  When others expose it, you are naked. There’s a thin line of difference between the two.   John Berger says:   'Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.'   The journey to become nude is a painful transformation where you learn the subtle art of giving a damn about people. Still confused? There’s one beautiful citation by MENTAL FLOSS illustrating the difference between naked and nude:   “If you doff your duds to pose while descending a staircase for a tasteful painting done by a respected artist, then you’re nude. If a bunch of paparazzi suddenly burst in through the studio door and take your picture without permission, you are suddenly naked.”   I’m sure you don’t want this to happen! But why am I stating this? Maybe, you are not the person you were; not the one people perceive you.    You have changed! Your ‘now and then’ has a discrepancy.  You want to adapt for own good; Wish to age like a fine wine.  You strive to flow with time; Want to experience your journey consciously.   You like to become more and more you! What’s holding you back? People already have an opinion about you. There’s a particular way they perceive you.  And you want to break that monotony! You know you have changed; you want others to accept it. The worst part: You are afraid of how people will perceive your transformation! As bitter as it gets: The people cannot take it. They are jealous of your self-awareness.   They cannot accept you became mature enough to shift your aura’s residence to yourself.   It pisses them off when you are less attentive to them. This is what they don’t want to happen.   No denial, even you have been guilty! But it’s human to commit mistakes; right? And now you realize it’s time to compensate; to feel the difference.  You are probably wondering: Is showcasing nudity that easy? No, it’s not!   People will restrict you. They’ll try every way to intercept your transformation. They might cry, shout, request, get nasty; they'll try them all! But before you quit: You need to showcase one performance where you go all in to become nude. Yes, gather the courage to express yourself only once.   Just reach out to them and let your soul shout; This is my originality; Accept or Leave!   Trust me, you’ll never have to cover your face with an illusionary mask of fear again.   One firm step towards finding yourself is worth giving a shot! One bold attempt to get nude is better than getting your exposed by people. Wondering why...

My Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time

Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time
My mind runs here, there, everywhere trying to win the race against time. It retreats to the past, leaps into the future, only to lose in the present. My present moment is rolling but my mind is ahead or behind it. The poor mind is losing in both cases and you know who’s winning? Time!!! I never realized when it became a competition which is impossible. Time proposed friendship; tried to make my mind realize no one can compete against it, offered to go hand in hand, urged ending animosity. But the audacious mind filled with ego wishes to win over an invincible enemy. Unlike mind, time never called it a fight, flowing at a consistent pace, faithful to everyone. But my mind always gets deceived by its transparency. In the quest to reach everywhere before time, it is always beaten! No wonder, my mind is an immensely powerful tool. It flaunts its power but in self-admiration, forgets everyone and everything is a slave to time. Both rivals have a best friend... I’m sure you want to meet their respective friends. Meet ‘Intoxication’, my mind’s best friend. It possesses qualities of being the best friend. It makes my mind dance in good times, a pain-reliever in bad times.  But my young inexperienced mind cannot identify intoxication’s cruel intentions. Not only it has monetary demands but also seized independence.  Intoxication takes my mind for a drive to the future, reverses gear and accelerates to the past. But throws it to the unpleasant reality soon. My unaware mind, hoaxed by the illusionary happiness depends on intoxication. It gets deceived by the sweetness, not one day but every day. The time watches everything silently and loves these illusionary games! My mind doesn’t realize flowing with time would solve most of its problems, could eliminate every negativity-causing-element.          Wait... before you declare time the winner hands down, let me tell you my mind wins moments when it has materialistic possessions including power, but time is smiling on the other corner waiting to win the final battle. Sometimes, I request time on my mind’s behalf to wait for me, but time remains silent. It’s best friend does the talking. Time to unveil time’s best friend ... It is none other than ‘Karma.’ It is brutally honest, one powerful unit. Time is silent, but its best friend Karma is violent. They share a beautiful chemistry. Questions on time, karma takes the responsibility of answers. Time defines the best part... the answers of karma. The style of karma’s answering is different, more of a beating. Poor mind, unable to face the wrath not only lost but also accepted the loss. Yes... my mind realized that it was fighting a lost battle. Finally, my mind pleaded to time ... I lost to you, proud; Karma taught me loud. Creepy thoughts are dominant, Laugh when I say I’m confident. I want to age with you; I want to walk with you. help or it’s my end, comprehend my friend. Not an easy task to convince time who thought it could be a mind’s ploy.  But the time filled with self-respect accepted it with open arms.  It responded ... In the quest of running, you...

Your judgmental eyes perceived me all wrong!!!

Yes, it is your judgmental eyes which inflicts unbearable pain, which makes me suffer like a loser. It's because you judge me by my smile without realizing the burden of tears I am carrying. Your eyes can only see my physical wounds, but that doesn't mean I'm healthy. I wish you could hear the cries of mental wounds...  You know my problem?  I have not attained that level where I stop getting affected by judgments and opinions about me. Yes, assuredly, I shall reach there one day but for God's sake, please stop until then. I know that I don't have a strong dwelling of my aura where I can reside, but why aren't you allowing me to create a foundation of my aura? Why are you enforcing your aura on me? I'm not asking you to stop judging me, I know you don't have this ability. What I'm requesting you is to judge me only after stepping into my shoes.  Wow..what an irony...instead of pushing me back to life, you are pushing me to death. And the father of all ironies is that you still claim that you care about me. I won't surrender to the situation and commit suicide, but do you just feel that you are responsible for instigating suicidal thoughts inside me. Please try to understand that I am already fighting an intense battle with my capabilities, I am already bleeding so why do you want to bleed me to death? I'm already burning so please stop adding fuel to that fire!!! Don't you dare to perceive it as your dominance over me. I'm getting affected by you because of reasons I'm not sure you would want to hear. But if you are courageous enough, let me clear out the reasons behind my sufferings... I'm tolerating this suffocation because you matter to me...your opinions, your comments, your observations, your judgments regarding me matters to me, it all matters to me. I cannot turn my back on you, I cannot run away from you, I cannot part my ways with you. It is because I care for you, I'm attached to you, and so I don't want to hurt you. But you are not stopping!!! Your judgmental eyes and judgmental lies   are choking my breath. And if this is what you have to offer, I'm sorry but you are forcing me to become you. And my dear, if I become like you, not sure whether you would be able to withstand my honesty. Beware...it is my respect for you talking thus far!!! But if you are not stopping here, then I don't find any option than to be brutal!!! And if you really want to know the reason behind the discrepancy between my physical and mental appearance, be patient...I would uncover my feelings as slowly as I could so that you taste every bit of what I'm going through. Instead of asking me what is wrong, you always call me wrong. Please stop stating the obvious because I was not the same some time back. But did you bother to know the reason?  And when you are judging me through...






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