Do you need a life coach? Pros and cons of life coaching


Do you need a life coach? 

I observed a drastic increase in Google searches revolving around hiring a life coach. Searches like best life coaches, life coach near me, find a life coach, get a life coach, are trending.

These intriguing searches instigated me to get a deeper insight into insights of life coaching — who is a life coach, and for you to figure out whether you need one.

Who needs a life coach?

Good life coaches by their practical experience, sublime confidence and supreme ability to uplift, help clients to realize their goals and objectives.

Be it a personal or professional goal, a life coach is multi-dimensional.

A good life coach is a guide, motivator, counselor, mentor — all in one! 

The role of a life coach is their clients’ upliftment till they don’t realize their goals.

It could be in the form of motivational sessions, one-to-one interaction, telephonic communication, life pieces of advice via counseling, a combination of any.

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Whether you are looking for a business coach to attain your materialistic goals, or a relationship coach to dilute the bitterness in your personal relationship; a life coach is your go-to man.

Let us understand the role of a life coach involving two major spheres in a person’s life  — as a business coach and a relationship coach.

Life coach as a business coach:

Everyone is fighting hard in their materialistic battle. The nature of the fight differs, but each one struggles in a peculiar way.

Some need the motivation to continue with existing job/business, some need pieces of advice pursuing a dream career. There are many who want to recover from losses, and there are individuals who strive to double their profits.

So you see, goals are different, but the struggle mode is always on in this money world.

Motivation to endure is the need of the hour! And while many lose patience to stay self-motivated, the role of a life coach is gaining popularity to guide you, and make you realize materialistic goals.

Life coach as Relationship coach:

One busy lifestyle, the same old bread-butter fight, and the newly dominant social environment — all are contributing to the distress and differences in a personal relationship.

Be it a parent-child relation, husband-wife relation, the best of friendships, even our connection with ourselves — relationships are bleeding profusely.

The trust factor, compatibility issues, judgmental comparisons, time constraints, are one of the many reasons causing the differences. 

But unlike before, there is a certain level of awareness in people where they could address the reasons for their unhealthy interpersonal relationship, but just cannot figure out the solutions by themselves.

With that, is arising the need for a life coach for a desperate fix.

Let’s jump straight into:

Do you need a life coach?

Pros and Cons of having a Life Coach

Advantages of a life coach:

  • There is someone listening to you, the one to whom you speak your heart out. Be it a business problem or a relationship problem, you’ll not sink in your problem-ocean. 
  • A good life coach not only enables you to flush out your frustration but is also ready with practical pieces of advice offering solutions.
  • A good life coach makes you more actionable to the process of achieving. The adrenaline rush is on, the motivation levels are always high
  • The best life coaches lead to your self-awareness which enables you to bring your best out.
  • One of the biggest benefits of hiring a life coach is they help you fight your insecurities; you nurture into a confident and self-empowering individual.
  • A good life coach is a like-minded person always by your side, the one who is transparent to not only appreciate your strengths but also to address and rectify your weaknesses.


Disadvantages of hiring a life coach:

  • Affordability is one of the biggest constraints in hiring a life coach. Yes, to get a good life coach is an expensive affair. They charge on average between £60 and £100 an hour for their services. Some ask for as much as £200 an hour.
  • It’s easy for anyone to call themselves a life coach. Neither there is a legal requirement for becoming a life coach, nor does it require a psychological degree. Yes, I’m serious!
  • Your complete dependency on a life coach seizes your independent decision-making process. It reflects in your other endeavors.
  • The filtration process of hiring a life coach can be tedious. Why? It’s damn easy to create a lucrative website and a deceptive portfolio.
  • There is no guarantee you are being guided in the right direction. The worst part — you cannot sense their intentions.
  • You can easily have trust issues on your life coach as you know it’s easy for anyone to call themselves a life coach. It can sink you further.

And now when you know the pros and cons of a life coach; the question arises:

Do you need to get a life coach?

Well… that’s a tough one honestly. What I feel hiring someone to discover what you already have, must always be your last resort.

No, I have nothing against life coaching but I don’t want you to fall prey to a clever trap either. 

Yes mate… you know the differences now. I’ll maintain certain diplomacy here for you to evaluate — whether hiring a good life coach is emotionally and financially feasible for you.

The bottom line:

Most of us are unable to fulfill the demands of the materialistic mind and many are clueless about the emotional needs of the pure soul.If you have a clear motive indicating the need for a life coach, and you can afford the best life coaches; go for it!

Having said, please don’t rush into the decision to get a life coach just because you can afford one. 

Still in a dilemma?

Do you need a life coach?

Try out any of the many life coaching programs offering free trials like New Life Focus and LIVECOACH… Good luck!