Why we should feel more and think less?


Just like every organ has a respective purpose, our mind is responsible for conscious thinking.

Having said, it has become the invincible conqueror ruling (or should I say ruining) most aspects of our lives. 

To think less is the need of the hour. But unfortunately, it has become the biggest challenge for most of us.

Does it signify thinking is unimportant?

Na… never said that!

It’s a materialistic world my friend, and thinking is as essential as food.

Wondering what’s the concern?

Most of us cannot control:

  1. The frequency of thoughts
  2. The quality of thoughts

We are so glued to our thoughts we are sub-consciously missing one vital phenomenon which makes us complete — Feeling emotions.

And as a result:

Most of us think more and feel less.

What you don’t realize:

Happiness — the ultimate purpose of life is a feeling.

And only when you feel more and think less; you experience the untouched avenues of happiness.

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.” ~Osho


In the quest to become happy, most of us don’t pay attention to the quotient without which happiness remains an untouched dream — the feeling quotient.

When I was struggling to feel happiness, never did I explore this side; never dug so deep. Or should I say missed the basics?

Interestingly, even after knowing it, there remains an unsolved mystery.

What? Let’s find out:

No wonder, feeling emotions is important. Agreed… feeling positive emotions is vital.

But are there only positive emotions? What about the negative emotions seeking reciprocation from feelings?

So you see… just we think we got the answer, intrigues a big question:

Is it important to feel negative emotions as well?

A definite yes!

Sounds silly? It’s not:

This is the catch most of us miss, leading to the inability in maintaining a healthy balance in work and relationships.


Thinking and Feeling are two sailors of your lifeboat.

While thinking sails you to the materialistic world; the feeling quotient is the captain of your inner world.

Coming back to why is it important to feel negative emotions:

I hate to disappoint you but only feeling positive emotions is a cowardly act.

When there are highs, there are lows. Sometimes the conditions are favorable sometimes unfavorable. If there is positivity in this world, there is negativity.

We… the human beings are full of emotions.

When we are all smiles while feeling positive emotions, it is our responsibility to listen to the cries of negative emotions. And only then, there is an acceptance and a way out. 

I don’t know much but I’m sure about this:

You need to feel the negative emotions to get rid of the pain inflicted by it.

Ironical warning: Running away from feeling negative emotions is easy. There are many illusionary tricks — medicines, alcohol, drugs.

But is it a permanent solution? Can you escape reality? Doesn’t the negative emotions hit back harder with a stronger intensity?

My dear friend… feeling the negative emotions are always better than trying to evade the unsung truth.

What I strongly feel, always feeling upbeat dilutes the extracts of positivity, and even happiness seems monotonous this way.

So feel every emotion you experience to become a perfect human being full of imperfections.

What’s the bottom line:

Life is a wagon wheel revolving around your thoughts and feelings. A beautiful life demands you to awaken your consciousness where you identify the situations seeking your thoughts, and the moments waiting for your feelings to respond. 

As real as it gets:

The money-driven world is forcing us to access everything through our mind. We are all in this together.

We are so engrossed thinking we just don’t know how to respond to situations which don’t involve the materialistic mind but the pure soul.

For pity’s sake, please stop using your mind everywhere and anywhere. 

I said and I repeat:

You can’t think of happiness; you can only feel it! So please feel more and think less.


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