Why Feeling Negative Emotions is The Biggest Blessing?

Feeling Negative Emotions

Do you only feel negative emotions?
Are these customary?
Sadness of missing someone;
Dejection by a betrayal;
Heart-broken after criticism;
Fear anticipating failures;
Anger out of low self-love;

I’m sure you taste many such experiences offering you the taste of different negative emotions.
And yes… any of these emotions are powerful enough to make anyone feel negative.

I am sure it’s a bad taste when you feel negative.
No denial sometimes it’s a walkthrough hell.

But before you criticize any of the negative emotions, please knock your memory door and ask yourself:
Did that experience..where you felt the negative emotions… taught you a life lesson?

Somewhere deep down inside…you’ll accept it has… in fact a profound one.

So now tell me:
How can feeling negative emotions be bad when they teach you beautiful life lessons?
In fact, feeling negative is vital to realize the essence of positivity.

Sounds silly, it’s not:
Allow me to share how feeling negative emotions opened the floodgates of positivity in my life:

There was a phase when I was completely down under. Depression had hit me so hard I was under the influence of anti-depressants.
And it was just a matter of time even those pills stopped soothing.

My moment of hitting the rock bottom was when I felt I have lost myself forever.
No doubt that moment was shit scary than anything else I ever experienced.

But there’s also something good to share about the moment…
As I had nothing more to lose, I set myself free!
I was feeling free, a lot relieved.
I had lost all my ego… and I always felt happy while grounded!

This was the time I started different forms of meditating… and met my all-time favorites… Mindful Meditation.

Practicing mindful meditation taught me an art…
To become an observer of my thought than to participate in it.

It is then when I realized:
Negative emotions are best of friends.
ust a call away from any of each other; they are never lonely. 

Ironically, when they are together; I feel deserted!

The emotion hosting other negative emotions in my mind was jealousy.

I was jealous of:

  • smiles reflecting happiness on most faces. (I could not afford one)
  • calmness by which many people perceived losses. (It amazed me many times)
  • fearlessness in the eyes of a few people while facing unfavorable situations. (I tried but never succeeded)
  • tirelessness and freshness some people carried throughout the day. (It seemed impossible)
  • conscious minds extracting their fullest potential. (I could only dream of it)
  • souls reflecting contentment and fulfilment. (I never felt blessed)

I was possessed by negativity… must confess that was my darkest phase!
My feelings were only responding to negative emotions;
calls of each positive emotion got unheard.
It was that time when I wrote: Suicide must not be a proof of depression.
Yes that’s how deep I was sunk.

Wondering what led to my life transformation?
Continuing meditating… continuing exploring slums of mind.
It took me a while to perceive an obvious observation I was neglecting. I observed:
I was not the only imperfect! 
I am not alone who feels negativity!

I understood each individual has a shortcoming.
The person joyful with family could be rude to his employees.
The ones who extracts the fullest mind potential may not be soulfully happy.
That individual who was purposeless at 25  was a millionaire at 35.
The one who did not fear anyone had a fear of death.
And many such contradictions…

The fact I was ignoring was no one I knew smiled the whole day.
No one I knew was happy 24/7. 

And then hit the biggest realization:

We are living beings, and it’s human to face varied emotions from both the positive and the negative domain.
What needs attention is:
Not getting carried away by positive emotions.
Not holding on to a negative emotion for too long.

According to psychologist Susan David, “we struggle not because we have undesirable thoughts and feelings — this is natural and inevitable — but because we get hooked by them.”

And so it’s important to:

  • appreciate our strengths and respect our weaknesses
  • accept both the favorable and unfavorable conditions gracefully

Because irrespective of whatever is the situation; everything is an illusion and shall fade away soon!

Final thoughts:

Our life is stringed to the ends of positivity and negativity. Experiencing both positive and negative emotions is as real as death. 

Enjoy the feel of positive emotions. And whenever you feel negativity or feel you are not good enough, just remember:

Your higher self is in the making!

When, I was down with immense negativity, I started my blog by the name of I am Negative to express myself. All credit to that gloomy phase that led to the exploration of Happy Realization.

It’s not I stopped feeling negative emotions anymore. But that’s when the positive extracts from those negative episodes, come to my rescue.

No wonder, I get hit hard by frequent spells of negativity even now. But there is a difference in how I perceived negativity in my days of depression and how I sense it now. 

I don’t fight with my negative emotions anymore.

That’s because not a long time back I realise that no force can drive me faster than the acceptance of negativity. 

And so my friend… whenever you feel negative emotions, remind yourself it could be the biggest blessing in disguise you are bypassing.

Even if it’s the pain… accept it!
It never turns into suffering.


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