Happiness is awareness and appreciation of the now


Some of us are busy equating happiness to the past instances while many are awaiting the happiness in the future. Only a few of us are able to realize that happiness is right here, right now in the present moment. If you don’t belong to this minority category, this article is a must-read for you.

In-depth Realizations…

The past is gone, and the future is yet to come. You know it too. But there is a reason why I am stating the obvious.

I say so to make you realize that the past cannot be changed, likewise, the future cannot be controlled. You can only take care of the things happening NOW.

It is only the present moment which always stays with you. Anyone and everyone might leave you except the present moment, which will always be with you until your last breath.

If you agree to it, then allow yourself to enjoy its company and make it your best friend…How? Let us find out:

The essence to feel:

To enjoy the present moment, the first thing you need to know is that Feel is the essence of  Happiness. So the first thing you need to do is to revive the feel. 

But it is not that easy as it sounds. It is because your thoughts are dominant over your ability to feel the present moment.

You need to realize that Feel is inversely proportional to Thoughts. If you are thinking more, it means you are feeling less.

And if you are doing so, the upcoming part of the article is not something you can afford to miss: 

Look, I am not saying that thinking is not important. Of course, it’s important. Unless you think, you will not be able to plan. Planning is important to get ready to face the upcoming situations.

Also, your professional atmosphere requires thinking. So yes, positive and productive thinking is important.

But you need to understand that it is not thinking but negative thinking, which needs to be avoided. To avoid negative thinking, I just want you to feel more and think less.

The process of negative thinking…

What is the current scenario?

When you are always thinking, you are not realizing that simultaneously, you are less responsive to your sense organs. Let us explore how thinking is taking a toll on your sense organs.

Eyes– You are not able to view the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

Nose– You are unable to feel your blessed breaths, which itself is a form of meditation.

Ears– You are unable to listen to the beautiful melodies…sounds of nature, delicate words by your loved ones, and most importantly, you are not listening to your inner voice.

Tongue– You are not able to feel the food bites…You are more concerned thinking about what you are eating than to feel the fact that you are eating.

Skin– You are unable to sense the gentle winds which want to nourish you, the beautiful touch of your loved ones, and many such things. 

Do you know, just by sensing any of the sense organs completely, the feelings you experience can be as magical as the feel of meditation?

But you are not realizing it… why?

Just because of one reason…You are too busy thinking.

To sum up the current scenario, there are many daily-life situations which do not require thinking.  But you are still thinking in those situations. It is leading to overthinking.

Subsequently, over-thinking is giving way to negative thinking. Finally, negative thinking is keeping you away from sensing and experiencing the feel of the present moment. As a result, happiness is denied.

Have you ever wondered what are the daily-life situations which do not require thinking?

Starting from the beginning,  the time just after waking up is very crucial. This time lays the foundation for the day.  And the bull you feed the most during this time sets up the tune for the entire day.

Moving on, the time you eat, the time you get ready for your work, bathing, afternoon relaxation, exercising,  time of commuting, the time with family and friends, the time in bed before sleeping, and so on.

Yes, there are many times in your day which do not require thinking. And unnecessary thinking in these moments is leading to negative thinking. It is just because these moments do not demand thinking. That time just requires your physical feel to take control.

Time for some Happy Realizations:

You can definitely replace your thoughts with feeling at any given time. This transformation is not an overnight process. Definitely not easy, but not difficult either.

You have to keep realistic expectations. You need to go easy and take one situation at a time. Gradually, you will start feeling the positive changes within yourself.

If you are wondering how to maintain a balance between thoughts and feelings, I will suggest you the technique which I always emphasize on…MEDITATION. 

Meditation is a beautiful technique, which can make you the driver of your mind and soul. Everyone must practice it to feel the awareness in the present moment, which is happiness.

Dear friend, there is no denial of the fact that you are surrounded by negativity all around. But, how much you get affected by it is in our own hands.

You are not able to realize that if there is negativity, there is positivity as well. It is just that you are unable to feel it.

The best source of that positivity is nature. Give some alone time to yourself daily where you shut your mind for some time and restrict the flow of thoughts.

Try to fully activate your sense organs by feeling the environmental surrounding.  Feel the inner peace and calmness it is bestowed with,  and appreciate the beauty of it. Be aware of it and appreciate it, which in turn shall make you happy in the now.

Whatmore, you shall become the sole reason for your real happiness. Your happiness will be independent of anyone and anything.

Come on friend, instead of feeling lonely or thinking in your alone time, try to convert your loneliness into solitude.

One important thing, when I say you to feel, it’s not that your mind will shut completely, and you will not be able to think. Don’t worry about thinking, your mind will automatically start thinking about matters which actually requires thinking. Keep focussing on the feel…

Last but not least, most of us often confuse between Happiness and Fun. More often than not, most of us use it interchangeably.

Let us try to figure out some major differences between the two confusing words, Happiness and Fun…

Happiness is an abstract feeling of our soul, which is entirely your choice. It is an independent long-lasting feeling, which is not driven by materialistic forces. It is a true feeling, which is not elusive. It is inside you, and you don’t have to search for it outside.  

Fun is a feeling which is dependent on the outside world; people, time, situation, things, many such factors. When you wait for the right time and place to be happy, rest assured, you are not happy now. And it is the reason why you crave for fun. The resultant feeling is temporary, short-lived and elusive happiness. 

So my dear friend, what are you waiting for?

Live life to create a memory out of every moment. Never wait for the right moment to be happy as there is no ideal time to be happy. Stop dying before you die. Be aware in the present moment and appreciate it. Explore the Real Happiness now.



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