Lockdown Tales: How About An Interaction With The Expressive Nature

We never heard cries of nature, let us celebrate their smiles!

Lockdown Tales: How About An Interaction With The Expressive Nature

According to Collins dictionary, Nature is all the animals, plants, and other things in the world that are not made by people, and all the events and processes that are not caused by people.

(I’ll be denoting Nature by They, Them, Their… Just cannot confine nature into a box of It.)

Let’s meet Nature

Nature is super-expressive! Since ages, they are trying hard to express:
Pain during ruthless slaughtering,
Misery in feeding pollutants,
Suffering after a sudden human attack,

Yes that’s what nature had to share. Because that’s what we… the most intelligent creatures on this planet… had been offering to them… in our own filthy ways.

Cruel We … who didn’t bother listening to nature shouts in pain inflicted by us.
We could not sense those tears; We had no feelings for them in our consciousness.

We murdered them for our luxuries; burnt them for money.
We went unconscious of their existence, unaware that our existence is superficial without the creator — Nature!

You might wonder:
Why am I told this?
Why am I forced to realize all of it?

Well the whole purpose of saying this is:
If that’s the ugly past you want to forget, guess what… you got this opportunity!
It’s time you can break that equation, and start afresh chemistry with nature.
Because nature just forgot ages of brutality by us during this pandemic.

Nature revived without long-due revenge!
Nature resurrected!
Nature is back to the old school smiles!

So time to get back to the present and embrace this undeserved opportunity.
It’s important we connect with nature now… when they are all smiles!
Never was a better time we could feel free from this guilt… the guilt of causing so much harm to them.

It’s time we feel happy with them, for them!

Just to remind you, nature was never helpless.
If they would take long-due revenge, the entire human race could be sacrificed.
That’s how much damage we did to them.

But guess what… nothing as such happened…
And nature we never met… sounds familiar!

Call it luck, fate, destiny, anything, but make sure you accept this as a blessing!
That human lockdown led to nature’s independence!
Indirectly adding more generations to the human race.

All mediums of pollution are at rest. And the:
fresh air,
clear skies,
whirling trees,
gushing winds,
chirping birds,
they are all back.

It’s a huge offering from nature who was hit brutally hard by us.

So come on mate… We always complained about limited time. We were unconscious of their cries then.

But about now…during this lockdown…
Let us not miss this… to listen to nature expressing joy!

Well if you are wondering…
How do I interact with nature?
Let me remind you there’s an unconscious breath transaction always on between you are the greens outside.

Oxygen… Carbon dioxide… Oxygen… Carbon dioxide… lifetime transaction… till your last breath!

And now let me ask you:
The fact that life is lifeless without breath,
and breath connects humans to nature,

Is this not enough to create an involvement?

I feel… Acknowledging this simple fact has enough reasons to develop a beautiful bond with the creator — Nature!

If you could feel this mind shift, you could experience life over mental and emotional barriers.
Your ego goes for a toss, as you are directly transacting with the Mother Nature.
There will be no me but we in your every story.

Winding up:

We had created a toxic environment not only for nature but also for ourselves.
And all this would have gone worse beyond anyone’s imagination.

But no… nothing happened… we didn’t go through nature’s beating to learn a lesson.
Nature is smiling, trying to interact happily with us.

Let’s pay attention to our breaths and nature sounds… and we’ll start feeling them!

Remember everyone and everything around is wounded, and you can’t find a bigger inspiration anywhere, except in one thing… Nature!

This is for the first time nature is smiling!
Let us pledge to contribute our bits for preserving the restored nature.

Start small, but let’s start post lockdown…
Plant greens,
Preserve Water,
Quench birds,
Even if it starts with no action at all, just be conscious of not polluting it.
We can try at least this much!

Rest up to us to decide, what are we planting for coming generations… Industries or Trees?
What are we infusing in them… Human Consciousness or Artificial Intelligence?

Undoubtedly this Corona outbreak has jolted our lives in ways we never imagined.
Most of us are going through a rough patch amidst this lockdown.
But for nature, and our coming generations, there’s never been a bigger blessing!

Most of us have a lot of Me time in this course… Try connecting consciously with the supreme — Nature!
Good luck… Stay safe!

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