Is It Ok To Cry?


When a baby is born, the foremost thing done by a doctor is to make sure the baby cries. Well, this implies crying itself is a sign of life. It is a gift of nature to heal ourselves. When we express our feelings (positive as well as negative), tears are the best expressions.

Tears can be of joy or sadness. In both the conditions, they help us. In fact, they remind us that we are humans, not robots.

Moreover, they also assist us in moving on from a situation. Let us try to ponder upon of a situation from where we want to move on. We should have experienced that crying often helps in moving out of that situation. It’s the first sign that we want to heal ourselves. Rest assured, it is the sign of strength and not of weakness. Women, one of the best creations of God are the perfect example of it. Why are they perfectly balanced and stable in every situation? Well, we know the answer very well.

Well, there are also people who use tears as a shield to get rid of situations without facing it. It is nothing but the inability to face the problems. It never does any good. In fact, it elevates our difficulty in dealing with the upcoming obstacles. It also increases our dependency on people. We must never do that. Yes, we must never misuse our expressions without feeling the emotions. 

Therefore, let us never hesitate to shed a tear when you feel joy or sadness, but make sure we express it only when we feel it.

Yes, there are also people who feel different. According to them, only the weak cry. Well, I can only feel sorry for those people.