Is Thinking Good or Bad?

Is Thinking Good or Bad?

Straight out, positive thinking is good, while negative thinking is bad. But this answer is not that simple than it appears. 

The question, whether thinking is good or bad, is a very subjective question. It is subjective because the answer to it varies from person to person, and situation to situation.

Most of us might have answers to this question based on our real-life experiences. According to people who have sweet memories attached to thinking, thinking might have a positive connotation.

Likewise, thinking can have a negative interpretation in the opinion of people who have been often hit by thinking adversely. 

Let us try to analyze the two conditions when thinking is good.


Practically, when situations are favorable and everything in the personal and professional sphere is happening according to you, your approach towards life-situations is positive by default. Yes, your thinking is bound to be bright and spirited. It is because the dark side/ negative side of the mind is untouched, and you are not tested.


There are also situations which demand thinking; the state of affairs where thinking is an essence. Few instances…a student solving a mathematical problem will obviously require thinking. A teenager obviously needs to think about his/her career opportunities. An artist, a blogger, a businessman, a serviceman, all require thinking in their professional spheres.

In these instances, your mind is thinking productively and therefore emits positivity.

Now, let us try to comprehend the conditions when thinking is bad.


The mind often falls prey to the unfriendly situations where you are unable to cope with the unfavorable changes. Unexpected daily-life problems, failures and losses, mishaps and misfortunes are some of the situations when your mind is not able to sink in the turnaround. Your best friend Stress is always with you in these situations. Subsequently, thoughts, which are obviously negative at that time, does not allow you to move on. Finally, your mind gets stuck with those thoughts and positivity is denied.


You might undergo phases and situations in life when you are not doing anything. Even in everyday life, you are not working all the time. That particular time(the idle time) does not demand thinking. Avoidance of thinking is a must at this very time. On the contrary, instead of feeling the moments of solitude, you consume the mental energies in unnecessary thinking.

By and by, components like inner self-complexities and insecurities begin to add fuel to your thoughts. Finally, grudges, jealousies, comparisons are the extracts from the negative thinking, evolving out of idleness. No wonder, positivity is denied.

Time for some Happy Realizations

Positive/productive thinking is a boon while idle/unproductive thinking is a bane. Positive thinking can make you while negative thinking can break you.

There are also times when you don’t want to think, but you are not able to get rid of negative thoughts. I know it is not easy but you know what, it is not difficult either. The best way you can do it through meditation. Meditation is the best way where you can revive your feel, where you feel more and think less. Meditation makes you the driver of your thoughts, and you are always in control.

Yes, I can understand that meditation can be a difficult technique to implement initially. When I started meditating, even I used to think that I am wasting my quality time. But what I learned is, if you can be patient and persistent enough to stick to it, you will really experience the magic one day. And from there on, there will be no looking back. You can trust me on this. 

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Always remember, you need to find ways to get rid of negative thinking, and not thinking. So, prioritize your thoughts. Allow your flickery minds to think only about the matters which actually requires thinking. In the other times, feel and enjoy the precious moments of now.