My Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time

My mind, a winner over many opponents thought defeating time would be as easy, unaware what awaited it ...

Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time

My mind runs here, there, everywhere trying to win the race against time. It retreats to the past, leaps into the future, only to lose in the present.

My present moment is rolling but my mind is ahead or behind it. The poor mind is losing in both cases and you know who’s winning? Time!!!

I never realized when it became a competition which is impossible. Time proposed friendship; tried to make my mind realize no one can compete against it, offered to go hand in hand, urged ending animosity.

But the audacious mind filled with ego wishes to win over an invincible enemy.

my time

Unlike mind, time never called it a fight, flowing at a consistent pace, faithful to everyone. But my mind always gets deceived by its transparency.

In the quest to reach everywhere before time, it is always beaten!

No wonder, my mind is an immensely powerful tool. It flaunts its power but in self-admiration, forgets everyone and everything is a slave to time.

Both rivals have a best friend… I’m sure you want to meet their respective friends.

Meet ‘Intoxication’, my mind’s best friend. It possesses qualities of being the best friend. It makes my mind dance in good times, a pain-reliever in bad times. 

But my young inexperienced mind cannot identify intoxication’s cruel intentions. Not only it has monetary demands but also seized independence. 

Intoxication takes my mind for a drive to the future, reverses gear and accelerates to the past. But throws it to the unpleasant reality soon.

My unaware mind, hoaxed by the illusionary happiness depends on intoxication. It gets deceived by the sweetness, not one day but every day.

The time watches everything silently and loves these illusionary games!

my timeMy mind doesn’t realize flowing with time would solve most of its problems, could eliminate every negativity-causing-element.         

Wait… before you declare time the winner hands down, let me tell you my mind wins moments when it has materialistic possessions including power, but time is smiling on the other corner waiting to win the final battle.

Sometimes, I request time on my mind’s behalf to wait for me, but time remains silent. It’s best friend does the talking.

Time to unveil time’s best friend …

It is none other than ‘Karma.’ It is brutally honest, one powerful unit. Time is silent, but its best friend Karma is violent.

They share a beautiful chemistry. Questions on time, karma takes the responsibility of answers. Time defines the best part… the answers of karma.

The style of karma’s answering is different, more of a beating. Poor mind, unable to face the wrath not only lost but also accepted the loss.

Yes… my mind realized that it was fighting a lost battle.

Finally, my mind pleaded to time …

I lost to you, proud; Karma taught me loud.

Creepy thoughts are dominant, Laugh when I say I’m confident.

I want to age with you; I want to walk with you.

help or it’s my end, comprehend my friend.

Not an easy task to convince time who thought it could be a mind’s ploy. 

But the time filled with self-respect accepted it with open arms. 

It responded …

In the quest of running, you forgot how to walk.

I’m winning, either win with me or lose against me. 

I’m flowing, either flow with me or drown.

And then evolved my mind’s biggest realization …

Happiness is nowhere but in the awareness of the present moment.

My mind made a new friend … ‘my body’, which accompanies it everywhere, unlike earlier. Now, my mental body and physical body walk together along with time.

Besides harmonizing with, my mind has started respecting the time. 

Negativity spares none. I face moments when the outer world distracts my mind. Thanks to time for that beating, self-realization brings the mind back to reality.

I am happy now!!! Are you?