5 Positive Lessons Only Feeling Negative can Teach You

Feeling Anxious or Negative

In the fight between positivity and negativity, we wish positivity emerges as a winner… always!
Ever wondered why?
A general impression of negativity is bad.
For the reason, we want to stay away from it.

As grass on other side looks greener, we end up longing for positivity without realizing what feeling negative can offer.

What I mean by feeling negative? Is negativity as bad as you think?

When I say feeling negative, I mean feeling the most common negative emotion affecting most of us — Sadness.

You won’t deny wherever there is negativity because of any reason, we feel sad by default.

And if you think feeling negative is bad, let me tell you it’s not.

Be it a health issue, monetary loss, an adverse relationship; negativity is an alert notifying something is wrong which needs a fix.

In fact, feeling negative bestows you with life experiences which teaches you profound life lessons.

Don’t believe me? Here’s more courage to you:

“The key to happiness – or that even more desired thing, calmness – lies not in always thinking happy thoughts. No. That is impossible. No mind on earth with any kind of intelligence could spend a lifetime enjoying only happy thoughts. They key is in accepting your thoughts, all of them, even the bad ones. Accept thoughts, but don’t become them. 
Understand, for instance, that having a sad thought, even having a continual succession of sad thoughts, is not the same as being a sad person.” 
― Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive

And now, allow me to share:

5 positive lessons from Feeling Negative :

  • It enables to unleash the other side- positivity

Ever wondered why is seesaw-ride enjoyable?
The rider doesn’t hold on to either of the highs or lows of the ride for too long. Or else the ride gets boring.

Life is no different. It’s an emotional seesaw ride switching ends — from positivity to negativity and negativity to positivity. And life goes on!

Where’s the problem?

Most of us ignore the fact feeling negative is as real as death.
For instance— when we suffer a failure, a criticism, a bully, a loss…
it’s natural to experience negative emotions.

But because of ignorance, we do not accept negativity.
What I mean by non-acceptance is we quickly look for solutions to escape without analyzing the whys and hows of feeling negative.

Beware! this approach sinks your ship soon. You cannot identify the reasons for feeling negative.
What worse, other negative emotions invade in the shelter already created by the mind. Eventually, negativity becomes an integral part of us and positivity becomes a fantasy; an untouched dream.

This way, neither you allow negativity to teach you a life-lesson, nor you can taste positivity.

Is this what you want? Well… surely not!

What you need to know:
Everyone feels alike. Negative feelings hit everyone now and then. 
It is as customary as going to the loo. So just take it easy and respect the natural phenomena. 

Keep in mind, only the acceptance of negativity enables you to unlock the solutions to get out of it. Yes… only when you accept the pain, you’ll find the pain relievers.

So please stop fighting with it. Stop trying to abscond without feeling it consciously. Experience negativity to unlock the other side —Positivity.

  • Negativity is the next push to achieve your goals

Wondering how? Let’s break the process:
Unquestionably, every success story is incomplete without a failure.

Now if I ask you:
Do failures, which are essential to succeed, provoke negative feelings?
You won’t deny it does in the form of dejection, helplessness, disappointment, and alike.

Interestingly, if above said is true, do you still believe:
Feeling negative of failures, vital for success… is it really bad?

To your surprise:
Feeling negative is the driving force of negative motivation to achieve your goals.

Can you relate:
Most of us subconsciously ride on the most common negative emotion — Fear?

Be it a fear of failing in an exam or fear losing a job, this negative emotion pushes us frequently. As simple as it gets… If you don’t reach the airport on time, you fear you’ll miss your flight!
So fear is driving you… right?

Next time before criticizing feeling negative, remind yourself you accelerate on it often.

Realization time:
One of the most positive lessons from feeling negative is that it keeps the fire burning inside you. And makes you endure to achieve your goals.

So liberate the feeling of negativity to act as a stepping stone. Never allow it to inflict pain as a kidney stone that needs flushing.

  • Negativity enables you to step out of the comfort zone

Did you know:
The more you feel negative, the more you strive to explore the untouched experiences of life.

It’s simple actually…
Life ain’t easy by any means. It’s testing and demanding nature infuses negative thoughts. 

But sometimes, the influence of negativity elevates to conclude a saturation of your endurance. You feel you cannot bear anymore.

It is the stage when many crumble against negativity. Have you ever reached this stage? Has your negativity levels ever escalated to the extremes?

If it has, one thing is for sure:
Neither you’ll live a boring life thereafter nor you’ll die an unknown death. 

Eventful — your life will be. But as always, choosing the response to feeling negative must be your conscious call. Either can rise like a phoenix or fall like a pack of cards… no half measures.

Let’s do it:
It is time to become a hero. It is an opportunity few get to break the ordinary.

Legends are made this way. Believe me, it’s not the end, it’s actually the beginning calling… if you could look it this way.

Is developing this approach easy?
Surprisingly, you need not do anything different. The need of the hour is to break the monotony by doing something different from the usual.

Just listen to your gut and become resilient to challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone. Do you accept the challenge to break free?

  • Negativity enables you to reveal your originality

The more you feel negative, the closer you are to find yourself.
Don’t believe me?
Go down your memory lane to recall your hard times loaded with negativity.

Leave me alone is the cry most of us would recall… and that says it all!

Yes… it is the ironical time when you want to be alone but that decision to choose loneliness rips your mind and soul.

But here’s one interesting catch:
That spell of negativity reflects your real face to you. And the way you perceive yourself in the mirror of self-awareness reflects how negativity will affect you.

Always remember:
Only when you get hit by negativity, you get to know your real face is imperfect. It is the time when you need to learn positive lessons from feeling negative.

So accept negativity gracefully not only to unlock your weaknesses; but to strengthen yourself to rectify it. 
And even if that weakness, that imperfection… it’s incurable, at least you’ll be able to accept yourself the way you are. 

Who knows… you develop self-love in the process… It could not be more beautiful!

So whenever negativity offers you loneliness, don’t fear it or run away from it.
Stay tuned to find out what is there on offer.

“A diamond is a chunk of coal
that did well under pressure.”
― Henry Kissinger

  • Negativity makes you emotionally sensitive and compassionate towards others

Did you ever feel negative for financial or emotional deficiency? If ever deprived, you well know the feeling of pain.

This sensing of pain stands you out from the rest. You feel what many others can’t even see — the non-apparent wounds of people. 

Think of it this way:
When you feel pain, you know how to deal with it. And only then, you know how to bail out others too.

So feel this negativity, don’t walk out. Only then you can follow compassion. What I feel nothing gives a better sense of contentment than to add value to people’s life anyways.

So yes… feeling negative not only helps you comprehend the plight of others but also bestows you with the ability to do something for the same.

It’s simple again:
When you know how deep negativity hurts, you start respecting the emotions of others.

I hope any of these 5 positive lessons from feeling negative changes the way you perceive negativity!

There on, whenever you compare positivity v/s negativity, remind yourself despite both being blue, sky and ocean cannot be compared.

Final thoughts:

We live in a world driven by obligations where 24/7 happiness can only be an ideal condition.
We can strive for it, do the best we can to shoo away negativity.
But in reality… it’s as big a fantasy while living as going to heaven after death.

In the quest to always feel happy, you don’t realize:
The tighter to wish to hold the sand, the quicker it rolls out from your fingers.

What’s the bottom line:

Never fight with negatvity or try to suppress it; accept it to have a better sense of life.

Want to know the best part:
If there’s no negativity, even happiness feels like a monotonous experience.

So never turn away from the lows to feel the joyfulness in the highs. Believe me… there is nothing called as a bad experience. The deeper you get hurt — the more profound is the life lesson.

As a testimony… recall all the life experiences that taught a lesson. Surprisingly, you’ll find negativity teaching you the most profound one. Take care mate!


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