How to Revive From State Where Feelings Turned Negative?

go thoughtless during covid-19 pandemic

Do you only feel negative during this lockdown?

With pain and helplessness all around,
With your self-identity forced to switch roles,

With a jolted normal for unpredictably long,
The thought pop ups cannot be exciting.
Infact most of them are negative…

Relax… that’s human! And it’s not only your story.
This is the first time we fall on the same page. 

But maybe… this lockdown… most of us went all too far.

Let’s Address the Problem

Fear… Dilemmas… Uncertainties… Anxiety… You are thinking too much about the future. 
Overflowing thoughts drive you everywhere you don’t want to reach.

Now that lays the foundation of a quandary.
Because when this unconscious flow of thoughts continues, it leads to mental diarrhea, which soon attacks your emotions. 

Ahh… now that hurts!

With thoughts already conflicting, this lockdown came up with another challenge…
Managing emotions… a bigger task than managing mind.

This creates differences between your thoughts and emotions… and your crude feelings turn negative!
Once your feelings turn negative, no matter how hard you try, you cannot feel happy. 

And that’s what is happening to most of us…. sitting at homes… having nothing to do. 
Bodies are locked down, but minds still wandering.
Painful state this… densely negative! 

The good news:
We can get out of here.

Let’s talk about the revival now!

How to Revive From State Where Feelings Turned Negative?

Arrange a session You with Yourself where you are disconnected from the outside world. 
No people, no cell phones, no distraction whatsoever…
Start with a minimum of 30 min session whenever you get Time.

… not a difficult thing to find during this lockdown… isn’t it?

So what do you do in that session?

Do nothing different! Quitely get back to basics…
Remind yourself that everything started with your mind… overflowing with negative thoughts… for an extended period.
And that’s what touched the depth of feelings.

So to revive your positive feelings, you need to get back to your thoughts.

Go for it! Just sit comfortably, preferably with closed eyes, and observe your thoughts coming and leaving. Don’t pay attention to any. Allow them to pass by.
Stop participating…. stop involving with any thought… even the ones you call positive.

             We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. —


Why do you stop paying attention to positive thoughts?

You might be wondering:
No attention to negative thoughts… sounds logical!
But why should I stop paying attention to positive thoughts?

Because that’s a ploy.
That’s deliberate from the mind to convince you to interact with thoughts.
So that you hook to it… and finally get carried away by the flow of it.

It’s a mind’s trap to lure you to a diversion. So that you get caught overthinking, and it (mind) remains your dictator!

That’s what the mind always wants — Complete Control.
And you need to deny that. So stop entertaining any thought, even if it’s positive, only for that session.

Let’s do it…

Call that session Meditation, Call it Happiness,
Call it Me time, Call it whatever,
Anything which suits your style!
Just remember the goal- Thoughtlessness!

If your mind is behaving like an unruly teenager, give it a task:
Try shifting its attention to the sounds of nature. 
Nature is smiling after ages… expressing happiness…
It’s easier connecting with them like never.

Final Realizations:

It’s a turnaround process so no one could predict the revival time.
But yes, if this can take days, months, or years, this transition might happen within moments, it’s just a mind-shift you need!

Arrange this session everyday where you deny attention to any of our thoughts.
Within a few days, you will gradually feel the reduction in its frequency.

You continue, and eventually reach a state where thoughts are not compulsive anymore.
And that’s when you start feeling consciousness in your experience.

When you are conscious, you become the creator of your experience!
This is where you possess an effortless power.
The power to choose your response to people and situations waiting to meet you in the outside world.

Rest assured, consciousness chooses positive thoughts, positive emotions… everytime!
And you take your horse to the old town road… to the happy ways!

Not only about this lockdown, maybe it’s your same old mind’s narrative.
If that’s true, trust me… this lockdown is your opportunity to consciously realize a lot about your inside. 
Come on! Don’t shy away from facing yourself in the mirror of self-awareness… Good luck!