Beware… your Social Media Reel is Evading the Real Picture

This post is full of bitter ironies!!!


The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is the same… any guesses?

No prizes for the right answer because it’s a no-brainer. Most of us pick up the phone and check for the social media notifications. 

The word ‘viral’ once used to describe a fever has a new dimension altogether. Today, it is more of a prefix to social media posts than a fever. No wonder, social media has become an addiction, it’s not a necessity anymore.

Please don’t justify the social media addictions. You call it a necessity but the bitter truth is you pick up the phone to check…

  1. the likes and comments on your last updated picture.
  2. what others have to say about themselves.
  3. the friend requests and friend suggestions.
  4. to barge into others’ profiles particularly of your ex’s.

Most of the times, there is no reason you are on social media platforms. You had nothing to do, so just for a pastime, you keep scrolling down and down.

The most suitable time you have found for doing it is sitting on the commode.

Let me tell you… there is not much difference between the two addictions… a cigarette in hand and a phone in hand while sitting on a commode.

The only difference is that the cigarette reduces the potty-release time, while a phone keeps you glued to the commode.

Hmm… now you are relating better!

Many of us go for a potty-ride not because it’s the potty calling, it’s the social media notifications calling. And what better, isolated, and a comfortable seat than a commode where there is no one to disturb. 

Who knows… a social-media-call gives way to a bowel-call, and it solves both the purposes.

I’m not joking, it is happening with most of us.

social media 

Time for some bitter ironies:

You are killing your precious time looking for friend suggestions on social media while a close friend is sitting beside you seeking your attention. 

You are busy building a new relationship on social media without realizing that social media is hampering your existing relationships. 

And please don’t say you are on social media to get the news updates. Most of the social media posts do not have an authentic source you can trust upon. Most of the news which you read on social media is propaganda, far away from reality.

An instance…

You get disturbed by the post topic reading the news of killings and rapes you come across while scrolling posts. The irony is you still click on that post to read the entire story. And when you feel helpless because you could not convert your feeling of empathy into compassion, you get hurt. Your mind carries the burden of that news for an elongated period.

I know many people who get affected by such news so deeply that they cannot move on. And in some cases, it may go beyond leading to depression!!! Yes, gluing to social media may also lead to depression.

But is that burden of helplessness worth carrying? Is your social media reel depicting the real picture? 

No, it’s not… it is because you are unaware about the source of the news. Yes, with social media, the authenticity level of the news is always in question.

What a testimony of a digital world where a newspaper to the bathroom is being replaced by a cellphone.

If you want to read some authentic news, you have good newspapers for that my friend. Don’t worry if you are a news freak who wants hourly updates, those print media have their online presence.

social media Beware… social media is killing your magical moments of solitude.

How? Let’s find out

Mostly, it is your idle time which itches your fingers to unlock the social media. It is the time when you are not working, the time you are not thinking of anything productive.

And here the problem lies

You don’t realize it’s your personal time in which you need to feel more and think less. But it’s not happening because you are not giving your mind a break to activate the feeling component.


You cannot think of happiness, you can only feel it.

But instead of using that time in knowing yourself better, enjoying solitude, exploring your passion, spending time with friends and family, you are indulging your mind in unproductive thinking via social media.  

Ever wondered why was social media created?

They created social media platforms as a medium of communication. In fact, more than that if we use them wisely.

They are a great medium to…

  1. connect with old friends
  2. showcase talent and outreach to people
  3. interact with like-minded people
  4. take it as an employment opportunity
  5. advertise your product and services
  6. call an immediate help in case of an emergency.

But are we looking at this way? I doubt it.

If you ask me, social media has just become a medium of comparison and judgments. And no need to mention the glamour and the fatal charm attached to it is leading to cybercrimes, copyright infringements, and unauthorized sharing.

In-depth realizations…

Only a few people post about their failures, criticisms, rejections, fights, bullies. I have seen many faces of sad hearts with a fictitious smile on my social media feeds. Don’t go further and open your social media profile which looks like a fairytale.

But let me ask you…

Is your real life and reel life the same?

If you ask me, 

I’m sorry but your reel life is silently killing your real life.

No one posts about their negativity and sadness on social media, and the irony is that one of the biggest cause of loneliness can be linked to social media.

On top of that,

Your personality is getting judged


you are keeping nothing personal!!!

My dear friend, all the memories are not good… You don’t realize what you post on social media today might embarrass you after 5 years. And not only embarrassment but some memories may haunt you, become a cause of regret. 

Ironic again… First, you allow people to judge you, and when they do, you get adversely affected by it.

Children, youth, adults; social media spares none… And the ones who get affected the most are the children. 

According to the studies, the most shocking truth is that the children from the age of 8 years to 12 years spend 9 hours daily on an average on social media. Yes, you read it right… It is more than the time children spend in school or while sleeping.

And is the social media to blame? No… it’s not. It is because we are abusing it.

Wake up time! The time we spend on social media is a testimony to how purposeless our life is.

We blame the upcoming generation for all the wrong without realizing that it is our foundation on which they are standing.

According to a study, an average user takes 20 to 25 minutes to revert to the original task when notified about a new post. And in 30 percent of the cases, the user takes up to 2 hours to get back to the original task.

These testimonies are strong enough to make you realize how social media is affecting the quality of living.

social media

Final words…

These are not theoretical pieces of advice. It is straight out from my practical experience. So before your ears call them trespassers, spare time to feel what I’m saying.

If it doesn’t stop here, time is near when we enter a robotic world where people will not be handling robots, but a few people who will program most of the people. And yes, you can label this majority of people as robots. 

So my dear friend,

Let us DIE as humans

than to LIVE like robots






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