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We welcome your Happy Realizations! 

We, at HR, feel every soul has a distinct story to share, something new to offer. We are listening, and our readers are waiting to connect emotionally with your realization.

With so much happening inside and around you, your everyday life experience has many unsung emotions to express.

We would love to hear your success stories, and also your unsung failures. Yes, we are not just another self-improvement site offering life solutions, we also appreciate your courage to express your enduring struggles. 

So share any soulful life experience not necessarily having a happy ending. Write to us even if your struggle mode is still on. Establishing an emotional connect is the distinct beauty of HR, and we are proud of that!

 Express your soul out to the world… We are interested in hearing: 

       in-depth personal experiences offering beautiful life-lessons

       practical pieces of advice relevant to self-improvement

       your unheard failures and unsung life battles

What are the topics to write about? 

Mental and Spiritual Health, Happiness and Joy, Thoughts and Emotions, Positivity and Meditation, Sadness and depression, Love and Relationships, Fitness and Lifestyle, Addictions and Will-power, Anxiety and Stress Management, Parenting Advice, Spirituality and Health, Nature and Environment, Personal Development, Success and Motivation, Failures and Struggles, Passion and Goal, Unfulfilling job, Fulfilling dreams, Exercise and Routine, Empathy and Compassion, Society and Judgments, Woman empowerment, Self-awareness and Realization, Trauma or Loss, Better blogging, Any real-life experience with an emotional connect.

 It’s better if you ask these 3 questions from your piece before submitting:

  1. Will it level up the quality of living and the readers takeaway is a Happy Realization?
  2. Is it expressing sensitive emotions to establish a soulful connection with the readers?
  3. Does it evoke a sense of togetherness, and the readers unburden by feeling they are not alone?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, go ahead to hit the ‘submit’ button. We are super excited to hear your impactful voice.

Who can contribute?


We accept guest posts from people across the globe irrespective of one’s cast, color, creed, background, sex, religion, nationality, beyond any and every judgmental boundary.

You need not be a professional expert, thought leader, or an accomplished blogger, to contribute. This section is for emotional beings like you and me who need a public platform to get our soulful voices heard. 

Who reads Happy Realization?

Everyone! HR has a heterogeneous mix of readers – X generation to Y generation, Blessed to Stressed, Positive to Negative, Optimistic to Pessimistic, Soulful to Mindful, Happy to Depressed, Passionate to Reluctant, Successful to Failure- they all love reading the HR blog.

We cannot guarantee your online success but our world-wide avid readers earnestly wait and look forward to reading every published article on HR. 

What else do you need to know?

  1. Only original pieces, please! By original, we mean your submitted piece has never before been submitted anywhere, including your own blog. We hate plagiarized content.
  2. All published submissions will be the sole property of Happy Realization. You cannot republish them anywhere, including your own blog.
  3. Please link to all sources, studies, research, and medical/health facts you mention in your piece.
  4. It is no rule of thumb to include the interlinks. But we don’t mind them at all.
  5. A couple of links (maximum) linking back to your site, in the body, is allowed. But they must be relevant or else will be removed.
  6. We do not publish unstructured articles with no message at all. Also check your pieces for grammatical errors. Note: Use short paragraphs (not over three sentences).
  7. You need to update your short bio (not over 120 words) in the profile section of your dashboard.
  8. We don’t have a word limit, but articles ranging from 600 to 1500 words connect well with the readers. 
  9. We care little about keywords and sub-heads, but yes, we strive for clarity and love strong, meaningful voices.
  10. You must have the rights to any uploaded images, including the featured image. Make sure you credit the sources of the images just after the end of your article.
  11. Usually, our guest post section is unpaid. However, if you are a regular contributor (with a minimum of 5 contributions), we might consider giving you paid assignments.
  12. Any section of your piece (heading, article, images) may be edited before getting published for better clarity and outreach.

Ready to submit?

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A few more things to keep in mind:

We cover an insane amount of ground at Happy Realization and we’re a very small team. As such, it’s impossible for us to thoughtfully respond to each submission and to provide feedback. We assure you that we carefully read every single submission we receive. 

When your post gets accepted, we generally respond within 7 working days. If you don’t hear back within this time frame, it’s safe for you to assume that we had to pass on it, but we hope that you’ll consider sending us your next one!

Please don’t waste time sending us follow-up emails. You have better things to do. We read every submission carefully, and your first email is enough to ring a bell to our ears.

Why contribute to HR?

It is one of the fastest leaping online platforms to express out your emotions, and to cry out loud to flush out the negativity.

Your voice reaches our world-wide audience as we promote every published article through our every social media channel. You might gain a fan-following!

You build a healthy relationship with writers of your niche, and you are exposed to a big community of like-minded people.

Most contributors note that featuring their writing on Happy Realization increases traffic and subscribers to their blog.

Every published article includes a bio with links (no follow) back to your site. You might also include as many as social media profiles you want. Please note that the links are no follow.

Who knows, your piece establishes a deep emotional connect with any of our team members, and we end up spending some bucks to spread your story across a wider audience.

Yes, we do paid promotions. Send your queries to for details.

Looking forward to your happy realizations…  Good luck!