25 Ways to Achieve Anything  You want in Life

Yes... you can achieve... anything and everything!


Struggling to discover the success ways?

As minors, most of us are fortunate to have parents guide us to our next move. In schools and colleges, we have teachers and professors as our mentors.   

But as soon as we turn into independent individuals, most of us battle alone to define our success ways.  

Is your question How to become successful still struggling to find the best answer?

Rest easy! there are many like you striving to define life on their own terms. Yes… the best characteristic of this phase is it’s nondiscriminatory and spares none.

 And when we’re all in this, let’s battle it out together.   Everyone cannot afford the best of life coaches, and so, success tips to inject motivation is the need of the hour!  

Allow me to offer:

25 ways to be successful, tips to achieve anything  you want in life

Fail… to never repeat it again

You are not away from the fact Failures are the Pillars of Success. I strongly feel failures are the best thing that happens to successful people.

Yes, there is no substitution to experiencing failures for teaching the best ways to be successful. So don’t be apprehensive about it! Taste failures to explore the various possibilities of a breakdown, to never encounter them anymore and eventually achieve success.

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Listen to your gut over people

Today’s customary obstacle in our success ways is people’s advice, always ready irrespective of whether we seek. What worse… we believe in most without trusting our instinctive voice.

My friend… only you have the right answers to your questions. Listen to everybody but authorize your instinct to make the final call.

Stop expecting people to stop fulfilling their undue expectations

Everyone is glued to their individual struggles. So why not take the responsibility of overcoming it by oneself?

Feeling the need of people to fulfill your undue expectations seizes your independence. And when you expect from people, even they seek from you.
This give-take relationship causes more harm than good. So let us stop playing the expectation-game to negate the effect of people obstructing our success ways.

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Never surrender to inevitable lows

When we struggle to find ways to be successful, there comes a point when most of us hit the rock bottom. Every way out seems impossible. Hard time this!

But again, this rough patch is customary to every individual and is the real test of enduring patience. And sometimes, the best you can do in this phase is allowing it to move on without over-thinking.

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Take breaks to prevent your drive transform into a baggage

Sometimes, we push ourselves so much in the actions of achieving that it takes a toll on the quality of delivering. Productivity suffers, and the zeal seems to fade away.

So let us take it easy! We don’t have to carry the unnecessary load to over-perform and lose enthusiasm in the process. Let it be smooth and effortless.  

Don’t feel shy to ask for help

Not every, but a few steps in your struggling period need a guiding light. Yes, you cannot analyze every dimension of the problem by yourself because of a simple reason — you didn’t face it before. And the next step just doesn’t have an answer.

So that’s fine if you seek help from someone to bail you out. That’s smartness, not a weakness!

Never over-think to enjoy success before achieving 

No wonder, it’s imperative to dream, otherwise, how would you achieve success in life. Having said, many dreams shatter halfway for a simple reason—  we overthink about the possessions attached to success before achieving.

It creates a desperate urgency in the restless mind to achieve results. Those worldly desires can divert you considerably.
So refrain from thinking about the results to concentrate on the process to take you there. 

Break down your goal into small achievable targets

Realizing a long-term goal is a lingering process, and can exasperate you now and then. So to keep sprinting high on motivation, it’s important to segregate your goal into small doable tasks.

It’s super effective… a sense of accomplishment after reaching those small milestones instills a lasting relief to your enduring struggle. 

Don’t allow appreciations to flatter and criticisms to hurt you

Most of us are sensitive to people’s opinions — we love appreciations and no one wants to face criticisms. But if you are seeking the success ways, sooner you get rid of the people’s judgments, smoother you sail on the right track.

Remember, people never fall short of their needless assessments about you. So make sure you stay strong and be the best judge of your proceedings.  

Don’t self-humiliate in your lows

Obviously, when you are discovering your success ways, it’s difficult to feel high every moment. You won’t deny you are fighting a prolonged battle where you will lose often before winning.

So it’s important not to allow those losses hurt the cockles of the heart. Keep encouraging yourself as you would to a best friend struggling for motivation.

Keep reminding yourself there are many others on the same leaky boat

This is one of the best ways of motivating yourself… by reminding yourself you are not battling alone.
Every journey to achieving is undeniably enduring. After all, it’s a strive to achieve success in life.
And it’s a great respite to know not only yours but every journey to success comprises countless failure stories. This timely reminder keeps the fire burning inside the belly.

Make your family an integral element of your goal

It is a vital step to achieve success in life. Sometimes, when the chips are down, self-motivation becomes an uphill task. And this is where the role of your closed ones plays a deciding role in your success ways.

Better said than done, making them able to step into your shoes can be daunting. But a little courage and off you go. It’ll make your journey fluent and pressure-free. At least give it a chance!

Challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone 

It is the key to achieve anything you want in life. The road to success is full of new challenges and on the contrary, your comfort zone is your luxury restricting you to accept those challenges.

So it is up to you to decide whether you welcome the change gracefully to explore the new or enjoy the deceptive happiness inside your comfort zone. Make the right call!

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Stop over-analyzing and start executing

Analysis-Analysis-Analysis — Paralysis. Agreed, execution of every step in your success ways requires systematic planning. But, many a time, we start over-thinking about the future actions to an extent the practical execution falls well short of the theoretical models.

This discrepancy obstructs the success ways big time. So make sure both analysis and execution are symmetrical.

Spend time with like-minded friends, not socializers

Filtering your friend-list is a big stride to become successful in life.

Are my friends true to me?
Do they gracefully accept my real self?
Do they celebrate my little milestones?
Are they supportive in my lows?

Yes, please ask these questions before devoting your quality time to people sharing a drink with you, maybe not your problems.

Be courageous to say no

I consider it the biggest step to achieving anything I want in life. No is just a two-letter word but has a louder intensity than many powerful words in the dictionary. But I doubt many of us use it every time we should.

Even you must have felt the after-effects of not saying no upsets the inner-self. I know it can be difficult but believe me, saying no for your own good is imperative.

Be realistic to yourself

No wonder, self-confidence is essential for defining the success ways. But one thing to monitor is that confidence should never evoke a sense of self-admiration where you feel everything about you is flawless. You cannot wear an elusive mask of ego where you are ignorant about your weaknesses. Being true to yourself is one of the important success tips you must not ignore.

Stop comparing your blessings with others

Yes… if you are blessed with food, clothing, and shelter — you are eligible for the fight to achieve anything you want in life. Therefore, it’s important we appreciate your means rather than wasting precious time and energy comparing yourself to people.
Remember, your real competition is against your higher self. Make sure to put up a good fight.   

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Respect time and flow with the moment

Life is unpredictably short, and so is the time frame to achieve your goals. Make sure every moment counts! What happens is when we are inquisitive about success ways, over-thinking is a customary problem.

These zillion thoughts disconnect our connection with present-moment actions, and we lack our full commitment to every step. And the involvement suffers.

So please make sure you flow with things instead of fighting against it. 

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Cherish the positivity and flush out the negativity

Your journey to success will have good times accelerating on smooth surfaces, and bad times bouncing on the potholes. And it’s important to consciously experience it all.
When you do that, you’ll be able to do both — treat yourself in every small victory and express out the negativity in inevitable failures. It’s important you ignore none.

Appreciate strengths and rectify weaknesses

We cannot be good and bad at everything. You might hold a certain level of expertise in some areas, and maybe you are vulnerable to other dimensions.

Suppose, your line of work demands both — mental strength and your physical endurance. Where mind could be your strength and body your weakness, it’s important you acknowledge both.

Avoid distractions by your addictions 

What you started out of fun can turn into a dangerous obsession before you realize it. And those addictions are a septic seepage in your voyage. Be it any addiction — alcohol, drugs, significant other, porn, social media; it can be a big obstruction to the exploration of your success ways.
Not only it shrinks the level of your mind’s best but also refrains you from extracting your mind’s fullest potential.  

Disallow your gloomy past to affect the bright future

We are attached to both good and bad memories. In fact, our present is a composition of past infusions. And the setback is most of us rarely revive the beautiful impressions.
Recalling the past failures seeps in when life punches hard blows. Not only it inflicts pain but also abstains our courageous self to take calculated risks needed for growth.

Here are five ways to help let go of your past to make room for that awesome future that lies ahead

Take the word Discipline seriously

Discipline is the best one-word answer to the question How to become successful. Most successful people emphasize on inculcation of discipline to the lifestyle, but I’m unsure how many practically execute it.
My friend, there is no easy way out, no instant formula to success. You have to strengthen your willpower to practice a disciplinary routine. It’s the core of success. 

Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario

Before giving it all to become successful in life, you need to test your mind with the most dreaded question — What do I lose if I don’t succeed? Whether it’s the financial stability or emotional relationships, evaluate each possibility.
It’s a realistic and practical approach to success. It provokes a fearless attitude where your inroads in the journey will not harm your self-confidence.

Final thoughts:

There was a time when I was deep down under with negativity. Exercising these success tips in respective situations, pulled me out strong.

So whenever the question What Next bothers you, I hope any of these 25 actionable suggestions come to your rescue. 

My friend… your road to success has both a smooth and a bumpy surface. Go all-in to enjoy this thrilling ride so that you transform it into a success story to cherish for a lifetime… Good luck!


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