The tale of my sons Mind and Soul

An Inside Story!!!

mind and soul

Both my sons, Mind and Soul were born in a small traditional family — Inner World.

Soul was the elder one… 9 months elder to my younger son Mind. We shared a deep emotional connection!!

Wondering who am I?

I am Consciousness, Mother of Mind and Soul. Three of us live here, Inside The Inner World.

We don’t have an apparent existence, but yes, we do have a lot of unheard experiences to share.

Allow me to talk more about my sons…

How did I look at Soul?

Soul my son, was honest like a reflection of plain mirror. Be it anything, he kept nothing inside. He expressed whatever… and this was Soul’s biggest strength.

He was the most emotional out of us, the reason Soul was super responsive to his deep-rooted essence — Feelings!!

About Mind…

He had a strange fascination for his thoughts. He was volatile, he was super-active — the traits that made him vulnerable to everything.

Anyone could disguise him; Anything could provoke him. So I took extra care of him.

In a nutshell:

Soul was a composite of feelings

Mind was a manifestation of thoughts

The childhood bond between both brothers…

They spent most of their time together, and so very well bonded. When Mind had a huge respect for his elder brother, Soul also loved his wee brother.

As far as I could see, chemistry between my sons was as beautiful as the perfect picture!

As Mind was impulsive, I didn’t let him encounter anything head on. I made Soul to meet the new experiences. And then, his responsibility was to direct his younger brother to respond similarly to same encounters.

Everyone knew by now that Mind is his elder brother’s reflection. Sooner, he stopped getting any personal attention. Soul answered everywhere, even to the questions asked to Mind.

Mind never bothered… in fact, he perceived it as the perks of being younger. No face-off with the new, no efforts, no challenges, nothing… just mugging up the responses directed by Soul.

It sounded a good deal to Mind! He had now added a layer of dense cushion around him — and that was the thick boundary of his comfort zone. By and by… Mind became habitually complacent, and Soul was now thoroughly leading his younger brother.

All of this was happening under my supervision. I questioned none… neither the expressiveness of Soul nor the ignorance of Mind.

We were living happily within the family borders. Being their mother, I was proud of the emotional connect I could build between my two sons.

Gradually with:

  • teenage approaching
  • evolution of social world
  • germination of materialistic needs

It was time for my sons to step out of their world to meet the outside world.

How did soul respond to the outside world?

Soul had the knack of expressing his true feelings anywhere; he echoed even here — in the reel world. Most people got offended by his boldness; some even judged his expressiveness.

The poor Soul didn’t know transparency levels are different everywhere. And that he’s not supposed to respond candidly everywhere like he does in his inner world.

Even he didn’t like it, when he hurt people unintentionally by his pin-pointed authenticity. But he could do nothing. That’s the only way he knew.

He found it difficult hanging around them, just could not adjust in those dubious faces. He met many negative emotions in the process he had never faced before.

And he realized that experiencing too many of them affected his core — His Feelings!!  He stopped spending much time there. He chose to be reserved — a peace lover who loved solitude.

Soul dedicated more time to his inner world; he also made a beautiful friend — Respect!!

But going through all this, one thing happened… He stopped responding to the outside world — completely.  I didn’t realize when Soul started ignoring the real existence of the reel world.

How did Mind interact with the outside world?

Mind, silent in his past, suddenly was exposed to a different world. Gee… he was gelling well!! He loved talking to the outside world; his thoughts loved chattering there.

He found outside world to be super ambitious… just like him. He also found many influencers, specially people and money.

Mind started winning in the outside world!!

Mind gaining control

With progressing time, Soul found it immensely tough leading both inside and outside world. And therefore, after soul’s consent, I gave some control to Mind.

Afterall, Money was involved there… which had now become a survival need.

Mind was thrilled! As he spent more time than the Soul in the outside world, they returned favors the same way. They were now more attentive to Mind than Soul.

As always, I watched everything closely from a distance…

Why did our family ties broke up?

With time ticking, the outside world became more and more demanding. Mind spent lesser time in Inner World. He was all getting consumed by outside.

But anyway, he was loving every inch of spotlight he was getting. He had never tasted this limelight in childhood.

Time passed by… and there were no more long conversations between both brothers; they no more shared common experiences.

As always, I was observing them from a distance but never intervened. Don’t know it was my ignorance or their fault, but they forgot that they were superpowers… together!! Precisely, lifeless without each other.

How did Mind burn a beautiful family picture?

After spending frequent long spells in the outside world, Mind made a vicious friend — Ego. Seriously, I couldn’t see that coming. Subjective highs and lows started defining Mind’s life. 

He didn’t realize it was a trap. As he was gaining control, he even forced Soul to meet the negative emotions — the ones Soul disliked meeting.

Soul never complained or opposed. He never intervened until the naughty Mind games got dirty. 

But Mind’s high had now reached his peak. And the Soul’s guidance which was once Mind’s need, started frustrating him.

In a complete turnaround, Mind stopped listening to Soul at all. Not only he started disrespecting Soul’s feelings, but now was controlling every inch of him. Soul was shattered; he also lost his only friend Respect.

I remained silent. In fact, could do nothing, as Mind was keeping us alive in the outside world.

How did Mind lose to the outside world?

Mind had now become the commander of both worlds. He thought he’s invincible and now was living happily on his own.

But that was his biggest mistake. He forgot that happiness was never a subjective term, but a feeling residing in Soul.

As Mind tasted more of the outside world, he was gradually  unfolding the dark secrets about this illusionary world. Thereon, every passing day was making Mind more bitter, uglier!! Outside world started dictating terms to Mind. They interrogated him often; literary tortured him to meet their undue demands.

For Mind, every encounter now was a mystery he could never answer… because of a very reason — The essence of the inner world was missing!!

He entered the state of subconsciousness, leaving a deep impact on his ability to voluntary experiencing.  Eventually, my son Mind lost to his most powerful enemy — Depression. And now the outside world was ruling him.

How was Soul feeling?

As Mind was the controller in this phase, Soul had to face the wrath of Mind’s karma. 

He was forced to experience emotions he disliked — Negative Emotions. These emotions, when experienced repeatedly for longer duration, injured the composition of Soul — His Feelings.

Soul started feeling negative!!

And now both my sons were to the ground. I started feeling lifeless, and now I had to intervene… to reboot our emotional ties.

How did I nurture the lost connection between my sons?

I knew it’s not easy, and would take time and efforts to revive their bond. I was ready to give it all, but being a single mother, it was difficult. As I struggled alone, I considered  speaking to my best friend — Meditation.

About Meditation, He is my friend, family, mentor, guide — All in One!

He is a positive, exuberant individual who dances to every life beat. He is a life coach by passion who loves the challenges in resurrecting the wanderers. I feel happy in his company. The best part is even my sons love spending time with him.

Meditation’s best quality till date is he never judges, and so I could discuss everything with him. I trust him completely.

And one day, in a chit-chat with him, I broke down. I exactly expressed him everything. And just like a dear friend he is, Meditation promised to help me in revoking my family bond.

The role of Meditation in revival…

Every morning, the first thing Meditation did was: He came to our house and counselled Mind and Soul together.

He still does… everyday!!

It’s about one hour beautiful session… a session defined by silence. Neither the Mind speaks, nor the Soul. They are just made to realize the absence of togetherness both are missing.

Initially, it was difficult for both brothers to face each other. It was an awkward and unpleasant experience for them. But no one gave up, they knew that was the only back to revive!

As always, time proved to be the biggest healer. Mind and Soul starting syncing with each other under Meditation’s presence.

Eventually arrived my moment when we are together…. again!!

Meditation is the MEETING POINT FOR Mind and Soul 

as Consciousness, that’s where my happiness lies!