How to Write Viral Content— the unfulfilled wish of every struggling blogger? (Practical advice)

These are not generic pieces of advice readily available


Do your heartfelt articles fail to connect soulfully with readers? 

I developed a habitual loser-feeling when my passion for writing was struggling to find engaging eyes.
Why? I did not know. I did everything:
  • give hours and days to create a piece
  • fulfill the article’s demand for sufficient time and fulsome dedication

But the result?

It did not grab my readers’ attention. Needless to mention, it never fell under the category of viral content.
Ahh… pains like a dagger in the heart. And the dreaded fear evolves — ‘Am I really capable of living my dream life?’
Loosen up mate if you ever come across this fear. This piece must encourage your typing fingers to slap any thought of quitting. And most importantly, will direct you to produce the viral content long for.
But before that, let me tell you:
There are plenty of sources offering generic (yet important) pieces of advice. They are good, really good!
But are these suggestions enough to create your much awaited viral content? Well, I am not sure! 
Let me list the cosmopolitan suggestions readily available, and then paint in words the 5 pieces of advice I didn’t find anywhere.
Generic( but compulsory) pieces of advice:


  • Write a keyword-enriched, emotion-provoking headline
  • ‘How to’ and ‘Number’ headlines are more clicks-prone
  • Not composite, but address a niche specific audience 


  • Draft a tight opening, maybe starting with a question
  • Keep the intro short and crisp, but intriguing enough 
  • Hint at the solution by the end of the intro (Do not offer a direct solution)


  • Break the post into easily digestible chunks — use sub-headings
  • Sprinkle keywords wisely all over the content 
  • Illustrations connect well with the readers… use them


  • A call-to-action offering much-anticipated useful solutions 
  • Offer something extra unusual from the body as a respect to the reader. (After all, he read your entire article)
  • Easy social sharing option just after your article ends


I did not sink in deep into these listings because you’ll find them all over the internet (in fact more in number and much comprehensive). But I’m not sure these suggestions are enough to create a viral post you have been longing for.

Let us jump straight into:

The 5 much-anticipated answers you have been waiting for to write viral content:

Scribble every thought kissing your mind — Wherever whenever

Did you get me?

You cannot write a valuable viral post at one go; it’s a tedious process. It’s impractical to start and complete your article in a single sitting. In fact, you might realize your mind perceives and generates content-related information in broken bits.

Do you ignore any of them?

If yes… you are losing on some vital elements needed to wire a viral post.
What I feel one good thing about pursuing your blogging passion is you cannot allocate a fixed place to follow it. Even if you do it, not necessarily your mind is receptive enough then to think about what you want it to.
Here’s the best part:
Be it for anything, your passion is an integral part of you. It’s never away but always ongoing with you.
So make sure you neglect none of your content-related thought any moment. 
How do you do that?
Scribble that thought — on a piece of paper, a diary, or just on your cell phone applications. Whenever I come across any such thought, I scribble it on WhatsApp window, and after I’m done, I send it to my other number. It’s useful!
Never forget: Those raw thoughts are the basis of a wonderful piece of viral content you must never ignore.

You are not a content-producing machine, but a human talking to a human — Never forget

You are not talking to a dead. And every life is an emotional being. 
Only when you feel the intensity of your piece, you can expect others to — as simple as that.
Soulful connect with your desired audience is the need of the hour. 

How do you do it?

Become the protagonist. To understand in SEO language, become the keyword of your piece. Like in this article, the protagonist is ‘How to produce viral content.’ 
So unless I feel I am writing viral content, I cannot expect you to believe in me.
Did you get me?
Dive deep into the character and feel it’s actually happening with you. And rest, your passion for writing will take care.
This way, your words will speak the feelings you want to express.
Share your personal experience, not the ideal solution everyone know — Make sure.

Don’t you feel practical struggles connect more than the straight-out solutions?

When you share your battle, it gives readers the impression you are one of them. They unburden when they discover they are not struggling alone. The more they connect to your struggles, the more it motivates them. The more they like you, the more your article is likely to be shared.
See… not as difficult as it seems!

One more important thing:

You may spice your personal experience with a tablespoon of imagination, but make sure you don’t sound bossy. Readers are smart, and hate when you sound omniscient. You are fooling yourself if you feel they cannot distinguish between practical advice and fictitious stories.
As I always say, nude is always better than naked. So break free to reveal your truth.
Because only then, you can expect faithful readers.

Fear of people’s judgments is your biggest obstruction — Get over 

It was my biggest hindrance to creating viral content.  I cared for everyone, except for my targeted audience.
Yes, I couldn’t gather the courage to publish my heartfelt pieces because of this fear.
Will I ruin my parents’ reputation if I publish this piece?  Do my friends know it’s my actual/imaginative composition?  How will society conceive my interpretation? 
This fear restricted me to get down into the core of every character.
I couldn’t justify many of my articles that were possibly driving me to success a bit earlier.
I got introduced to this fear when I published my article: Wish on my deathbed, after which I got many calls to confirm it’s untrue.
I can understand it was out of concern, but yes, this concern drastically affected my ability to write quality content.
If you ever feel the same, do you know how to get rid of it?
Keep reminding oneself — it’s my obligation as a passionate-driven writer to dive into the character. And the fear of people’s judgments cannot stop me.
I know you are afraid because there could be many in your personal sphere who are still unaware you are an aspiring writer.
But my friend… let them judge you, but publish a couple of articles with no fear, to gradually get over it. 
This is how good actors perform their role. Please don’t lose to people to enable your passion to win.

Step into the readers’ shoes and provide the best advice they strive for — No bullshit

Well, if you are writing for yourself, just to flush out your thoughts, you don’t need readers.
But if you are writing for people, they are your respectful audience, your honest critics. And you need to cater to their demands.
Just to share my experience as a testimony: My passion for writing started 4 years back which was as raw as diary writing. Back then, the word ‘blog’ was not in my dictionary. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams I can earn from it.
That was the time when expressing out my feelings was just a hobby.
But in the past 2 years, my hobby turned into a passion, and passion into my full-time profession.
About my struggling days, they were immensely tough, for a simple reason: Nothing was clicking, as I could not connect the dots between my expressions and the readers’ demands.
And now, I proudly share space with the writers in the esteemed publications like LifeHack, Pick the Brain, Elephant Journal, and Dumb Little Man. 
Not to boast, just to make you realize the significance of stepping into the readers’ shoes to write a viral post.

Final thoughts:

Relax! You are not battling alone. In fact, you are on the same queue once every established writer stood — waiting to write a viral post catering a worldwide audience.

But as they say, the show must go on.

Never forget:

[bctt tweet=”Every inspiring writer was once an aspiring writer” username=””]

This article might not relate to my niche, but I still wrote to speak my heart out. It is a breath of fresh air cleansing any doubts, and uprooting any negative opinions about my passion-driven writing career.
I am a proud writer and would continue to express, come what may.
I sincerely hope my 5 ideas prove effective to create the viral post you have been striving for. And infuse the maximum dosage of motivation to love the endurance in your passion-driven career.
P:S: You are always closer to create a viral post than to you think… good luck!