Careful! Your mirror at home is lying


We are hooked to a mirror since our diaper days. We love it… right?

In fact, a mirror at home is a necessity. Why shouldn’t it be? It is the mirror which makes us conscious of our appearance.

I have been stating the obvious but these statements have many untold stories to tell. To begin with, let me introspect you with a few questions…

Spare a minute to ask yourself…

  1. Is your mirror reflecting your real appearance?
  2. Do you really know who you are?
  3. Are you proud of your appearance?

If any of these questions are triggering your self-analysis mode… congratulations!!!! You passed the self-introspection test.

If not, face your mirror at home and ask yourself these questions again.

A realization shall pinch you where you’ll get to know ‘the mirror at your home is lying’ and your appearance is deceptive.

self awareness

Yes, not only the outer appearance but also we have an inner appearance which is the intangible face of the appearance. And both the appearances together define our real appearance.

The inner appearance… thought-provoking… isn’t it?

As they say… “beauty lies within”, the inner appearance is the real beauty of an individual irrespective of their outer appearance.

But shockingly, the definition of the word “appearance” to most of us is mere physical looks. Majority of us are not one-to-one with our originality-our inner appearance.

And this leads straight to one intriguing question…

When the mirror at home reveals the outer appearance, is there a mirror which reveals our inner appearance?

Yes, everyone has it… few people use it!

Allow me to unveil the mirror reflecting our inner appearance…

Much like a mirror at home which reflects our outer-appearance,

Self-awareness is a mirror which reflects our inner-appearance.

According to Wikipedia “Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.” It is the mirror which is the real depictor of our appearance.

Shockingly, most of us look different in the mirror of self-awareness and the mirror at home. While the mirror at home showcases a new identity daily, the mirror of self-awareness always has a true story to tell.

Differences between the two mirrors…

  1. Unlike the mirror at home, the mirror of self-awareness does not have a physical existence. It is inbuilt inside everyone.
  2. The mirror at home makes us presentable to the outside world while the mirror of self-awareness makes us presentable to ourselves.
  3. While the mirror at home reflects our body, the mirror of self-awareness reflects our soul.
  4. We might deceive the mirror at home wearing a sheet of lie driven by the manipulative mind. We cannot deceive the mirror of self-awareness driven by the pure soul… no lies, no imitation, no look-alike.

self awareness

Thought provoking…

A t-shirt and shorts, messy hair, no lenses or shades, no jewelry, no-belly tuckers, no high-heels… this is the how we are at home, our originality, right?

But when we move out, every outing has a new look… different clothes, hair-styles, make-up… all to look beautiful.

But does that make you beautiful?  Do you realize you are only changing your looks for the outer world?

You don’t realize this way, you’re not beautifying the soul, your real face.

Here lies the problem…

You want to be aware about people which is impossible,

but not self-aware which is entirely under your control!!!

An ironic observation…

Most of us are deceiving people by our outer appearance without knowing our inner appearance. What worse, we deceive ourselves in the process of deceiving others.

This is why most of us don’t know a mirror of self-awareness even exists!

And now, when you are slowly getting acquainted with this mirror, I need to tell you one important thing. I will be honest… possibly, your face in the mirror of self-awareness is ugly.

Yes, you read it right!

Nobody is perfect. When you see yourself in the real mirror, it may scare you. You might have not seen this face before.

But this is where your real test lies.

Don’t be afraid of it… Be brave to accept it because it is your originality. Only when you accept it, you’ll be able to cleanse your appearance.

See the positive side…

In the world where most of us are concerned about the outer world-the reel world, few people get an opportunity to meet their inner world- the real world.

Always remember, you never age if you are always in front of the mirror of self-awareness. It’s because you’re polishing the immortal components, which cannot age with time.

It can only get better provided you are up for it. Everyone wants to age like a fine wine, and what better if we become a beautiful soul every day, every passing minute.

self awareness

Time for some Happy Realizations…

Have you felt that in any relationship, deeper you know a person, the more you know about their shortfalls?

But when you love them, you accept them.

Please apply it to yourself… When you are self-aware, you listen to your soul. Only then, you forgive yourself, avoid self-humiliation, refrain yourself from self-harming thoughts, and develop self-love.

Always remember,

If the mirror at home is your priority, people define your journeys and destinations.

But the mirror of self-awareness makes you the driver of your journey, your soul drives you, not your flickery mind.

And when the soul drives you, it is nothing more beautiful than the self-exploration journey.

My dear friend, if you are traveling your inside-journey well, you’ll always travel well in your outside journey. Always better to undergo the wrath of self-awareness to face the wrath of people.

Final words…

Use the mirror of self-awareness now. Don’t be afraid of your real self. Say hello and become your best friend. Only then, you’ll be able to unlock the gates of consciousness.

Even if you are not proud of your real self, don’t demean yourself, don’t insult yourself. It is because you belong to those few who met oneself in the world where majority die an unknown death.

Wonderfully quoted by “Virginia Woolf”…

“Without self-awareness we are as babies in the cradles.”

Can you change your outlook towards your appearance from “Is my body beautiful?” to “Is my soul beautiful?”

The reason is simple…

Only when you have a beautiful soul,

You can admire your body.

Which mirror are you using?











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